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5 Ideal Destinations for Your Next Romantic Getaway

There’s nothing quite like a romantic getaway to restore your relationship and help you and your significant other reconnect. Whether you’re looking to plan an adventurous honeymoon (it is wedding season after all!) or an intimate escape, we’ve got the place for you. Cuddle up beneath the stars, relax seaside with a cocktail, or hike toward a glamorous view. One thing these places all have in common — they are sure to make you fall in love all over again:

Maui, Hawaii

Maui Goodness

This one speaks for itself: white beaches, clear blue water, palm trees and so much to love. Including each other.

Negril, Jamaica

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Not only can you can count on some killer sunsets, but Negril is the perfect destination if you’re also looking for some adventure. Consider bonding over some snorkeling, or while exploring the famous Caves.

Veneto, Italy

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The northeastern wine producing region of Italy is known for their gorgeous vineyards and delicious prosecco. Visit the Zonin winery in Gambellara in the province of Vicenza for a personal tour and tasting of their widely distributed bubbly. Cuddle up amidst a gorgeous view, and don’t forget to cheers!

Algarve, Portugal

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The perfect blend of ancient architecture, rich history, popular restaurants and stunning beaches. If you are looking to stay active, this is the place to be. Enjoy sailing, hiking, scuba diving, tennis, golf, biking – and more.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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If you’re one for striking waterfalls and breathtaking rainforests, Puerto Viejo is the ideal getaway. Especially if you’re looking to reconnect somewhere quiet and off the beaten path.

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