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5 “Old School” Dating Rules We Should Bring Back

This wave of technology in dating like Tinder has left the taste of dating sour in our mouths. It’s really sad because dating should be an exciting nerve-racking thrill ride that hopefully ends without you puking on your shoes. But the thrill of dating seems to be lost in the younger generations as “dating” is a thing of the past.

Back in the day, dates were something people yearned for unlike today when dating is somewhat of a chore for us. The excitement of talking to someone and getting to know them is lost now and days, and getting to know someone can all be done by viewing someone’s Instagram or Tinder profile. Technology is not all to blame, its people and what dignifies something being an actual “date” that is the issue. “Netflix and Chill” is the best case for young people and the aspect of real dating has been lost with the times.

Here are 5 “old school” dating rules we should bring back:

Going on Actual Dates; Not “Netflix and Chill”

I know it sounds crazy, but people used to actually plan out full days and nights together, talking and getting to know each other without phones. Weird, right?

Well, to us older than this new generation, this is what a date means; two people going out, doing fun things together, as they talk and get to know one and another. This is something that would seem exhausting to most kids now because why go out when you can text, FaceTime, or SnapChat and find out all the same information? Human interaction is something that is lost behind the screen for most of the nation’s youth and being able to take someone out and get to know them will be better than any conversation you can have via text. This needs to come back to young people so they can actually spend time looking up instead of down, and actually enjoy the company of another human.

No Cell Phones

I know this is the scariest thing you have ever heard but a cell phone is nothing but a distraction when you’re on a date. It is so much more satisfying knowing you have someone’s full attention verses someone who is looking at their phone every minute giving you anxiety and making you anxious that you are doing something wrong. Back in the day cell phones did not exist and conversation reigned supreme over that glowing thing in your hand. Going on a date now and not bringing your cell phone to the table is the most respectful thing you can do. You are showing this person you have their full attention, something that is very rare now and days. The absence of your distractions can spark some great conversations and get to know this person you obviously are interested in. Try this out and I promise you will have much better conversations and it will help you get to know people better.

Calling When You Say You Will

This is another way of eliminating these dumb games people seem to be playing while dating. Guys waiting a full two days to call for another date or text, and girls waiting a full two days to answer… wake up people this is dumb!

What is so wrong with wanting to see that person and talk to them after spending the day or night with them?

Younger generations seem to enjoy playing these games and not doing things they say they’re going to do. It even seems calling someone is so crazy that no one does it anymore. Honestly, phone calls suck, but when it’s someone you want to talk to, it’s the best feeling ever. Stop with the game playing and text her after you went out, even the next day, and plan another old school date. Once the feeling of seeing one another is reciprocated, you’re doing something right.

Pick Her Up; Walk Her Home

Enough of this “I’ll meet you there” bullshit that is the new norm of dating. What happened to picking a girl up, driving to dinner, and taking her home to make sure she is safe? Now and days, everyone is so afraid that people are out there to harm them, that the thought of having a random guy know where you live is too much for people to handle. We need a little trust to make dating relevant again.

Making your date feel safe and taken care of so you can just have fun will make the night that much better for the both of you. Not only will it make for a better night, but guys, it makes you look like a knight in shining armor. It is showing this girl you care about her safety and most girls will respond to this generous gesture. Be a gentleman, pick them up, and make sure they get home safe and I promise that date will call you back.

Be Honest

Honesty seems to be harder to find than your car in a parking garage; especially when it comes to dating. With Tinder and all these other dating applications, it is easier than ever to lie about who you are and what you look like. Honesty is rare, so be the diamond in the rough.

There is nothing worse than matching with someone on a dating site, being really into them only to find out they are nothing like they are in real life. Why lie? If you are serious about dating you should want to be honest just as much as you would want the other person to be. It seems to be a norm for people to lie about themselves just to impress the other person, but if you are serious about dating you know this is not good. Even if you must be brutally honest by saying you are not looking for anything serious, it is better to get that out in the open rather than waiting too long and hurting someone. No one likes being lied to and nothing like the good ole’ truth to make your dating experience that much better.


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