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5 Reasons Every Couple Should do the 30-Day Sex Challenge

Unfortunately, you go through dry spells in every relationship. If you’ve been together long enough, there will be a point in time when you just stop having sex. It’s not because you’re no attracted to each other, it’s not because you don’t like each other any more, it’s just because you’ve had so much sex that it’s kind of just … whatever at this point.

Remember in the beginning on your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other? That’s the kind of passion you need to reintroduce into your relationship. You need to find your way back to having sex all the time. Thankfully, there’s the perfect way to do it: the 30-day sex challenge.

Yes, I’ve done it before. Yes, it works. And yes, I want you to try it.

Bottomline, it’s fun

If for nothing else, sex is just fun and getting to have it everyday is pretty fun too. In the beginning of the challenge the idea of having sex everyday is going to be awesome. The “whatever” feeling you had about sex goes away because you’re being presented with a challenge. It brings the fun back a little bit and that’s always a good thing for those in long term relationships.

You get more intimate than you ever thought possible

When you first started dating, it might have been hard to be completely intimate and vulnerable. Hell, it might even be hard (some pun intended) after some time. However, if you do the 30-day sex challenge with your partner, it opens you up to exploration. Before, sex was always fun and exciting. Now, however, since you’re having sex every damn day, you’re going to need to be more vocal to spice things up. You’ll get to know what your partner likes more than ever before.

You’re more in tune with your body

And on that note, you’re going to know what you want more and more. When sex is a constant, you’re going to want to be more open about what you want. You’re going to be able to share things with your partner that you haven’t before. Let’s be honest, the same sex for 30 days can get a little boring unless you really tell your partner how to work your body.

You laugh a lot

There will come a point in the challenge when you think that you just can’t have anymore sex. It’s just too much. You and your significant other will inevitable start laughing through having sex. Whether you’re trying something new and it causes giggles, or if you’re just laughing at how tired you are of the whole thing, it will bring you closer and closer together. If you can laugh together during sex, you’ve found someone you can be with forever.

You’ll never look at sex the same again

If you ever thought that sex was a chore before, you’ll realize that it wasn’t. A chore (or a job) is having to do it for 30 days straight. It’s insane. So, when the challenge is over and you get to take a little break, you’ll look at sex as something to look forward to. You’ll look at it as something exciting again.

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