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5 Reasons Sex Really is the Most Important Part of a Relationship

We hear it all the time: “sex isn’t the most important part of a relationship.” Um, maybe, but it’s pretty damn important. I’m sorry, I hate to be the one to say it, but if the sex goes in the relationship, so does everything else. Sex is probably one of the most important things in a relationship because it’s the most physical, most intimate, most vulnerable you can probably be. Sure, there are other things that are important in your relationship as well, but sex is right up there.

It brings you closer

What can bring two people closer than be naked today? Um, probably nothing. When you’re rolling around in bed with your partner, you become more connected. When that happens, it brings you closer in every aspect of your life. If you trust someone enough to have sex with them, that trust will translate into other parts of your relationship. Think about it, because you trust someone enough to be that intimate with you, you’ll be able to let them into other parts of your life as well. Suddenly you trust them enough to be more open, more honest, and more in love.


Ah, pillow talk. A good relationship is one where you and your partner can truly be yourselves around one another. While you might have to behave in different ways around others, you can speak freely when it’s just the two of you in the room. Without the threat of judgment from others, all of your thoughts and feelings can flow out of you without a second thought. Pillow talk is the most open you can be, especially after you’ve just had sex. Talking after sex or while lying in bed intimately can be a crucial part of a relationship, as the conversations you and your partner have during pillow talk can some of the most important you have over the course of your time together.

You’re the most connected then

Having sex with someone is the most intimate thing you can do, especially when you’re in a relationship. Think about it, your bodies are connected, hopefully your minds are connected, and if you’re really, really, into it, your souls can even be connected. When you think about it, it’s the most vulnerable you can ever be with another person. You’re putting your trust in them, you’re putting your body in their hands, and you’re letting someone else take control. Having sex with your partner will be you closer and closer together each time you do it.

It’s sexy

I mean, duh. Having sex is sexy as hell. When you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, you can lose a little of the sexiness. Well, in order to keep it there, have more sex. The more sex you have, the more sexy you’re going to feel. When your partner is turned on by you and vice versa, it’s the best feeling in the world. Being wanted by someone you love is always going to be sexy and it’s always going to keep the two of you connected.

It keeps the spark alive

After a while, the spark in your relationship can dwindle. It sucks, but it’s the truth. Luckily, sex keeps the spark alive. The more sex you have and the more fun it is, the more you’ll feel like you and your partner have that “it” factor. Remember when you first started dating and you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Well, if you can keep that going throughout your relationship, it’ll basically last forever.

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