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5 Reasons the Best Relationships are Between Two Broken People


Normally people would tell you to stay away from someone who’s emotionally damaged. It’s a lot of work to get someone to trust you, to love you, and to know that you’re in it for real. And yes, I would typically tell you that you don’t need someone emotionally broken because it’s too much work. However, if you happen to be emotionally damaged too, then you need someone who’s as broken as you are.

For whatever reason, two broken people make for the best partners and here’s why:

You learn to trust together

The most difficult part of being in a new relationship when you’ve already been in one that’s failed miserably is learning how to trust again. When you’re the only broken one in the relationship it might be difficult for your significant other to understand your trust issues. They can’t understand why your past resonates in your present. They think it’s baggage that you’re bringing in because you’re simply not ready to be in a relationship.

However, if you’re broken and in a relationship with someone who’s broken, you understand each other. You know that trust is earned and built over time. You both take that time to learn to trust again and learn to trust each other. Once that trust is achieved between the two of you, your bond will be unbreakable.

Your bond is insanely strong

Like I said once you build trust between two broken people, the bond is extremely strong. You understand each other on a level that you didn’t think was possible with other people. When there are two broken in a relationship they start off slow and really get to know each other. In order to build trust, they start off by being friends first most of the time.

Needless to say, once they become friends and move onto something more, they know each other likely better than anyone else. As two people who are broken, they rely on each other a lot and lean on each other when need be. It builds the kind of bond that lasts forever.

Once you figure out how to love each other it’s perfect

When two broken people are in a relationship it may take them a while to learn to really love each other. Because they’ve been hurt in the past they’re hesitant to give there heart away quickly. So while their love builds for one another and they manage to figure out how to do it perfectly. Emotionally damaged people in a relationship know how to do everything in their power to make the relationship work.

You understand what it means to be hurt

Broken hearts who what it feels like to be hurt. They’ve been lied to, cheated on, treated like shit, and you better believe that they never want to put anyone else through that kind of pain. People who have been hurt before know what it is to have your heart broken. Not only do they want to avoid that pain for themselves, they want to avoid hurting the other person too.

If you manage to meet someone you who’s as emotionally broken as you are, will find so much love in one another. You’ll find peace in the fact that you’re not alone. You’ll find happiness in each other again.

You respect each other

Obviously respect is a big thing in a relationships. Yeah, I know, you’re heard that before. But really, how often do two people in a relationship truly respect each other? Well two broken people typically do. But when two broken hearts come together, they understand the importance of respect for each other. Respect for each others feelings, beliefs, families, everything. They know how it feels to hurt so they avoid doing that to anyone else.

That level of respect between the two people makes for an amazing relationships. One in which both people listen to each other, understand each other, love each other, and know how to be together.

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