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5 Signs The Guy You Met on Tinder is Probably a Serial Killer


Have you ever went out with a guy from Tinder texted your group chat to tell them every detail, just in case you get murdered and they need to find your body? Of course you have, we all have. Every girl, at one point or another, has went out with someone from a dating app and jokingly said “I hope I don’t get killed.” Why? Because you’re going out with a total fucking stranger and there’s no way of knowing who the person is.

Sure, most likely the person you’re going out with likely isn’t a serial killer, but just in case, here are some signs that he’s a bit off.

He NON-STOP messages you

I get that some people are thirsty and that’s cool. But there’s a big difference between being thirsty and being a stalker. If this guy, who you don’t even know, if constantly messaging you as if you’ve been in a relationship for years on end, there’s something super fishy about him. Nobody messages someone that much without being a total fucking weirdo/possible serial killer. So, if your dating app match messages you shit like “Good morning beautiful,” without ever having met you, don’t go.

He seems perfect but something doesn’t feel right

Women’s intuition is a thing. So although your dating app match seems cute, nice, has a good job, etc. if something feels off about him, don’t go. Sometimes when your gut is trying to tell you something, you need to listen. Again, this doesn’t mean that he’s a legit serial killer, but hey, some things are worse than being a murderer. Trust me, I’ve been out with enough dating app guys to know that they don’t have to be serial killer to be a psycho.

He knows everything about you already

Everyone stalks everyone else on social media, it’s a given. You need to see what the person is about before you actually go out with them, right? I’m not judging anyone for stalking, I’m judging if they make it obvious. If your match is straight up telling you about your entire life without you even meeting him, it’s not a good sign. If you social media stalk your date beforehand, keep that shit to yourself.

He doesn’t understand boundaries

When you go out with someone from a dating app, they should be respectful of your boundaries. I mean think about it, you don’t know anything about each other, boundaries are normal. So if the guy you’re out with is pushing your boundaries and making you feel uncomfortable, it’s not a good sign. Actually, it’s kind of fucking crazy and you need to leave.

He seems very focus, like WAYYY too focused

You know how serial killer are über focused? Yeah, well, if your date seems anything like that, chances are he wants to wear your skin. If you’re on a date with someone who seems like Hannibal Lecter, maybe it’s time to call in the reinforcements and get the hell out of there. Remember, dates are supposed to be fun, not scary.

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