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5 Things You Need to Remember When You Are Casually Dating … Everyone

Oh look at you and all your admirers, you go girl!

You don’t want anything serious…you’re just having fun right?

Hey, you do you, but don’t forget a few things before you go to dinner with #12 tonight:

One of them is going to catch feelings

And we both know you’re not going to feel the same way. If you start to notice this from the get go then politely distance yourself out of respect for their feelings. The guy will most likely take the hint, and have to deal with ending your “passionate” relationship in his own way. Of course this isn’t a perfect world and if you’re dating everyone, you probably don’t give a fuck about their feelings! If this is the case, just ghost em. That seems to always work.

This might bite you in the ass

Something as little as being in the wrong place at the wrong time could ruin your entire reputation. If one of your boys see’s you out with another guy you best believe everyone will know about it. I mean HELLO you just crushed their entire ego. You’ll be known as the girl who goes out with everyone and guys will keep you away from their friends you were going after once you hurt their feelings. If a guy were to be in this situation he’d be just another asshole guy, but that’s a different story.

Be “safe”

Everyone’s definition of casual dating varies, but if you’re doing what a normal person is doing, be safe. You don’t know who they’ve been with before, and you don’t want to spread anything to your other ‘acquaintances’. Nowadays there’s shit that originated in Africa spreading like wild fire, so don’t even risk it. Tell your friend to put his helmet on.


This is the easiest way to set yourself up. Do not take pictures with any of your boy toys, because what happens when they end up on Facebook and you went to the same restaurant with 6 different people this week alone? You look like a piece of shit, that’s what. Guys especially do not want to be played so keep your personal agenda on the DL. No one but you needs to know that you are dating everyone, and your besties of course.

Don’t you dare catch feelings

Look. I don’t care if you think you’ve found the one, don’t even think about it. If you’re going through a phase of casually dating multiple people then there’s no way in hell you are ready for a relationship. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Besides how are you going to tell your other dates you don’t want to see them anymore? They’re going to know something is going on and start to talk. Don’t hold yourself back from dinners and drinks that you don’t have to pay for. Come on now.

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