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5 Things You Should Never, Ever Say to Your Girlfriend if She’s an Independent Woman


There’s nothing better than being with a strong, confident, independent woman. She’s pretty awesome, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she doesn’t take any shit. She’s basically the total package, but it takes a very special kind of man to be with an independent woman.He has to be confident on his own, he has to trust her, and he has to be okay with dating a boss bitch (for lack of a better phrase).

When you’re dating an independent woman, there are certain things you simply can’t say to her. Here are a few of them:

“I don’t want you hanging out with [this person] anymore.”

Fact of the matter is, independent women don’t actually care if you think we should be hanging out with someone or not. We expect trust. So, if you don’t trust us hanging out with someone, that’s on you. Most likely, she’ll hang out with whoever she damn well pleases. It’s not a sign of rebellion or disrespect. Simple put, if you’re dating an independent woman, she has a mind of her own and will do what she finds right. Telling her not to hang out with someone is never going to work especially if the request comes from jealously.

“I don’t think you should.”

That’s nice. Unfortunately, you’re not my mother, my father, my guardian, or someone I need to “obey.” You’re my partner, my significant other. Someone I will consult with, but never someone who’s permission I will see. If you’re dating an independent woman, doesn’t ever question something she’s doing. She has a good head on her shoulders, believe me, and most of the time she knows better than you.

If you try to control her, she’s just going to do whatever she wants anyway. My suggestion would be to offer your opinion, but never demand. Explain your position with the hopes that it will make sense. Never, ever, try to tell her what to do because it’s never going to work and you’re likely going to lose your girlfriend.

“I don’t like your friends.”

A woman needs her friends. An independent woman has lifetime friends that are like her family. If you don’t like her friends, and are vocal about it, there’s a good chance she’s not going to be your girlfriend for much longer. An independent woman thrives on having relationships outside of her relationship. Her friendships are a big part of that.

If you have a problem with her friends, don’t hang out with them. However, don’t ever tell her that she shouldn’t be friends with them because you don’t like them. Don’t make her choose because you likely won’t appreciate the outcome. If you want your girlfriend to stay your girlfriend, let her have her time with her friends outside of your relationship.

“You’re cut off after this drink.”

Nope. Don’t do this. One time and ex boyfriend on mine told me to stop drinking. I ended up drinking half a bottle of vodka and going home with someone else. Why? Not because I’m a psychotic bitch, but because I refuse to be told what to do. You’re not there to monitor my alcohol intake or babysit me. Take it done a notch, boo.

“You’re not allowed to.”

LOL. Yeah, that’s never going to work. First of all, your dating a woman. She’s not yours to tell what to do. If you tell an independent woman that she’s not allowed to do something, there’s a good chance she’s going to laugh in your face and walk away. Chances are, she’s going to be right to do so. Again, a relationship is possession. You have no right to tell someone what to do.

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