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5 Times You Need To Remember That Everything Happens For A Reason

We often believe in the notion that everything seems to happen for reasons whenever life throws lemons at us, or on the contrary, whenever good, happy things happen. We cope with these situations by reassuring ourselves with this notion with the belief that it’s all just chance.

Though bad events can be distressing, and feel as though the universe is acting against you, we must remember that these negative things happen because it’s giving you opportunities to grow and transform you to a new life and a new way of being. Bad events and experiences do sometimes happen by accident, without reason or cause, such as natural disasters, but there are countless of situations that show there is wisdom behind these events and the subconscious choices we make from them.

This applies to good events you think that transpired because of happenstance. Just because all of sudden when you realize good things are happening to you doesn’t mean you’re the person who is consistently and continuously winning the lottery. Sure, there are some aspects of the universe having a plan for you yet, to the eye of the beholder, all these meaningful coincidences viewed as random events with no apparent connection do have a real purpose and meaning. Here are 5 times you need to remember that everything, cosmic or not, happens for a reason.

When people call your dreams stupid and crazy

Everyone has dreams that they want to achieve in their career and life. Some people have dreams that are modest and acceptable while some are downright crazy and idealistic, such as wanting to become the president of a country or wanting to go around the world. Nevertheless, there are always numerous accounts of people who laughs and makes fun of other people’s dreams if they are too big, saying their words are stupid and crazy and calling them green. If you have a big dream, there are going to be struggling moments in your endeavor, and the words of your critics who have lambasted you will seem to make sense. But, if you succeed in achieving your dreams, perhaps all the people who have ridiculed you in the past could be one of the many reasons of how it shaped you to not lose motivation, and move forward until you have finished. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that when good things happen in the end, sometimes it happens for a reason.

When someone becomes your significant other

Whenever people fall in love and get to be with the person of their dreams, we sometimes believe that it’s the universe working on ways to make it happen. Sure, luck and coincidence associates with the philosophy of how there are causes and effects of everything, and that nothing is a series of random events, but when you finally start a new relationship with the person you love, the reasons are because you developed your relationship to evolve into something much more. It isn’t because the person, by happenstance, decided they want to be with you, it’s because you worked to make it happen, and working things out to make things happen reinforces that everything, indeed, happens for a reason and that all events aren’t happening by some mere chance.

When you get a new job

Do you remember the last time you felt as though the universe was working for you when you landed a new job? The trees start to seem greener than before, the sun doesn’t seem to be angry at you anymore, and the once annoying chirps you hear from birds starts to sound like a melodic song. The happiness and satisfaction of getting a new job make your mind to remember that most things happen for a reason and is almost always for the better, even if you haven’t discovered why.

When you lose all your money and savings

People like to change their perspectives and minds about things quickly when events affect them. One example of this is when after experiencing a particular event, often bad ones, people start to firmly believe on the fact that everything happens for a reason as if it is God’s will to punish them. For instance, when you lose all your money and savings, you’re going to start looking for external factors that caused you to go broke, making excuses that it was unluckiness and blaming others for your misfortune. While many of the reasons why you lost all your money could stem from the ignorance of your own behavior and actions that led to bad luck, it’s probably high time, if it keeps happening, to remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself because the universe is trying to tell you something.

When you fail at everything you do

I used to think that whenever I had a bad year, the next year is going to be better. Then, the next year suddenly becomes another bad year, and I wait for the next year to, again, be better. In retrospect, it now seems as though these consecutive bad years are turning into a bad decade. Whenever we endeavor in life, it seems that the abundance of failure, no matter how hard you hammer to get some success, causes us to see as though we aren’t good at anything we do, effectively making some of us become a weak person. When you fail at everything you do, and it continues with persistence, you need to recognize and remember that it is one of those times where everything you’re trying to do to make a success out of it is not going to work, with reasons known or unknown. Things always happen, good or bad, so if you are in a rut with everything in life, remember that it’s happening for a reason and that if it’s happening for a reason, you should find ways to make success happen for a reason, too.

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