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5 Tips for the Girl Who Hates Valentine’s Day Who’s Dating a Man That Love It


I don’t know where I was in elementary school when everyone was teaching little girls how amazing Valentine’s Day is, but I didn’t get that memo. I despise Valentine’s Day. If I like flowers, I want flowers on a random day, not just because there’s a made-up holiday that says you have to get me flowers. Chocolates? I eat those on the regular, boo. But thanks.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend, who I love dearly, love Valentine’s Day. So, over the years, I’ve had to learn to live with this. Yes, it took time, but eventually, I understood that it’s important to him, so I’ve come up with some ways to survive this God forsaken day.

For all my girls that hate Valentine’s Day who have boyfriends that love it, try this:

Don’t laugh

People who are into Valentine’s Day can be super cheesy. When he/she gets you a laminated portrait of the two of you, or a scrapbook of all of your memories together, don’t laugh. Don’t be an asshole. Relationships, I’ve learned, are about compromise. If the person you’re with likes to be corny on corny holidays just role with it. I’ve made the mistake of “giggling” when I got a cheesy Valentine’s Day gift and it didn’t end well (but than again, I’m a cynical bitch, so whatever).

Try to be thoughtful

Try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone a little bit. If you know that your significant other appreciates the little things, go out and do some little things. Perfect example: I know that my boyfriend LOVES m&m’s so like a loser, and against my will, I got personalized m&m’s for him for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I hated the entire process, but seeing his face when he got them kind of made it worth it. Whatever, you do what you gotta do.

Get them something, anything

If they like romance, do something romantic. If they like sweaters, get them some fucking sweaters. Just do something. The worst thing you can possibly do is just avoid the dreaded holiday all together. At the end of the day, if it’s important to them, it has to be somewhat important to you.

If all else fails, just have sex a lot

If you’re trying to avoid the dinners, the flowers, all the bullshit, simply suggest that you stay in watching Netflix and having sex all day. If I know anything in this life is that men love sex and will pretty much give up anything to have sex no matter what day it is. So yes, do that. Buy some sexy lingerie, and go and seduce your man in bed all day.

Suck it up

If you really, really, hate Valentine’s Day as much as I do, just shut the fuck up. It’s one goddamn day. Yes, you’ll be miserable, but it’s just one day. I have complete faith in you that you can bullshit your way around one day. Think of it this way, if it makes you feel better, spend one day being all lovey-dovey, and pick a fight the day after because life is all about balance.

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