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5 TV Shows To Binge If You’re Single on Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday strictly made for those in relationships. If you’re single, you might muster up a stand-in boyfriend/girlfriend for the day, or look to Tinder for help to provide you with something to keep you company.

But at the end of the day, you might just have to accept that this just isn’t your day, and instead take this time to binge some shows at home while eating the chocolate your boss handed out at work to everyone. Though it might be a day for romance, you don’t have any of that in your life right now, so the best thing to cheer you up is some comedy.

So find the most comfortable position on the couch, get out your favorite snacks, and celebrate your single life. While all those couples are out spending money on expensive dinners, and gifts you get to save money by staying home and binge watching these 5 great shows.

Friends From College

This Netflix original has it all: romance, betrayal, life lessons, and comedy. This show will make you wish you weren’t single, but will also convince you that love is dead, and you’re better off alone. But most importantly it’s funny, so at least you’ll enjoy your solo day at home. You can watch Friends From College on Netflix.

Chewing Gum 

Chewing Gum is a hilarious comedy that follows Tracey Gordon (Michaela Coel) on her journey towards losing her virginity. The journey is a long one, and it feels as if there won’t be an end in sight, but the journey itself is entertaining enough to keep you watching. You can laugh as you watch Tracey and her friends get in to some hilarious but also relatable situations, while you down the chocolates you bought yourself. You can watch Chewing Gum on Netflix.


If you’re single, then you should really only be watching comedies. And Community will definitely keep your spirits up, as you try to make it through the day that is only dedicated to lovers. In this show, Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) is a hotshot lawyer forced to head back to college after his degree has been revoked. In order to get closer to a female classmate (Gillian Jacobs), he creates a fake Spanish study group, but is surprised when she and several others join the group. The group continues to stick together afterwards and get to know each other better, as well as get into some funny situations. You can watch Community on Hulu.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This show is about a woman (Rachel Bloom) who has it all, but decides to leave it behind as she moves from New York to LA to embark on a quest for love. She leaves behind her job, and nice apartment, in order to find love in California after a chance encounter with a former flame. The premise is pretty crazy, so you know you’re in store for a very entertaining and ridiculous time binging this show. You can watch Crazy Ex- Girlfriend on Hulu.

Broad City

Broad City is one of my favorite shows, because it depicts life in New York city in the most relatable but also most exaggerated and hilarious way. The show follows best friends Ilana and Abbi (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) as they try to navigate through life, relationships, work, and all of the weird and crazy things life and the city might throw their way. You can watch Broad City on Hulu.

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