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5 Ways You Can Actually Save Money This Summer


Summer is the best time of year. You’ve been waiting since Thanksgiving for the first beach day, and it’s finally arrived. Hopefully you’ve been saving up since Thanksgiving, because summer is a cruel mistress who’ll take all your money.

When it’s nice out, there’s more things to do, and things cost money. Concerts, drinking events, food; all will drain your wallet in a weekend. If you don’t have a job, you better get one.

If you want to make this the summer where you don’t have to ask mom for money, there’s going to be some cutbacks. Here’s 5 ways you can actually save money this summer.

Turn off the lights in your house 

Turn the lights off and don’t use the air conditioning. Keeping the lights off should be easy. You don’t need every light on in the house when it’s 1 in the afternoon on a hot summer day. If you live alone or have respectful roommates, walk around your house naked. Sit in on the back porch and catch a nice breeze. Just remember that you’re surrounded on all sides, and don’t answer the door without putting on pants first.

Ride your bike for once

No need to drive your car a few miles to go to the grocery store. Break out the mountain bike that’s been dormant in your shed since two summers ago, pump some air into those tires, and you got a free mode of transportation. If your job is nearby, ride your bike there. You’ll be cutting down on gas money, and the extra exercise might actually push you to work on that summer body you’ve been promising yourself for a few years now. Maybe you’ll get some lettuce from the grocery store instead of the potato chips everyone knows you were going for.

Carpool as much as possible

When it’s too far to ride your bike or you just gave up on that endeavor after the first time, carpool. Carpool as much as possible. Pile into Carle’s minivan when you’re going to the beach instead of taking two cars. Put a few people in the trunk if you have to. Do your best not to drive anywhere this summer.

Use your friend for their pool

You’re sitting around with your friends, talking about how hot it is. It’s time to be proactive. Discreetly suggest that you all go to Alex’s pool. Instead of paying to go to the beach or trying to sneak into the public pool, use the perfectly good pool down the street for free. You get the enjoyment of a pool, and you won’t be racking up your energy bill sitting naked in front of the air conditioner.

Have a party instead of going to the bars

Get a keg and invite all your friends. Charge five dollars a head and you’ll make your money back in no time. Only half the people there will have four beers anyway, so more drinking for you. You’ll also be cutting all the costs that come with a night out at the bars. The only thing you might need is paper towels for when someone leaves you a surprise in the broom closet. A night out, however, could get costly. Taxi there and back: $40. Trying to get the hot girl to like you by buying all her drinks: $120. A pack of cigarettes to cope with being rejected and try to steady your drunken ass: $11. Four slices of pizza with toppings to take the pain away: $18. Miscellaneous expenses: $10. Maybe you have a little more control over yourself when you go out drinking, but getting drunk in the safety of your own home for free is always the right choice.

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