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5 Ways to Know if the Guy You’re With is Marriage Material

If you’re a girl looking to get married, dating the right guy is a must. Being with someone for several years does not mean they’re the perfect fit for marriage. It may be hard to believe, but some people are better off dating than getting married. EVER.

Sometimes a guy will expect marriage instead of the girl. Being in a successful relationship requires communication and agreements. Disagreements should be resolved peacefully with mutual understandings. Being with someone for a long time might be an indication that marriage is coming, but that does not always reign true. There are several ways to find out if the guy you’re with now is worth it for the future.

He Cooks

When the cooking is shared between the two of you, dining out doesn’t happen nearly as often. Personally, I love to cook, and I’m sure many other girls do as well. However, having dinner cooked for you is always a treat. It could also be a cute date night idea to cook together, or just a casual dinner that says ‘I love you.’

He Knows How to do Laundry

THIS 👏 IS 👏 SO 👏IMPORTANT! You are not his mother, you are his equal in the relationship. You should not be washing his dirty clothing by force. He should know how to wash clothes and to do it often. It makes chores so much easier when two people are doing it. Maybe he could do laundry for the both of you if you clean the bedroom. There is a give and take in every relationship and it should not fall on just your shoulders alone.

He Talks About Your Future Together

Nothing better than hearing a guy say “us” when speaking of the future. If your boyfriend includes you in his future plans, that’s a very good sign. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re automatically included in his visions. Some guys talk exclusively about their own future as a hint that they’re not talking about forever with you. Contribute to future plans including the both of you.

You have the Same Opinions About Having Children

Relationships get effected by differing opinions on children. If you two are on the same page, that’s fantastic. There shouldn’t be any pressure from either side. Having children and starting a family is a decision that should be made personally. A healthy relationship will have open communication about disagreements and if you could come to an understanding together, you’ll have more success in the relationship.

You Love Being Together

Being around someone for an extended period of time can have different consequences. With certain people, spending a lot of time around them can be annoying. But if you live together and haven’t exploded, that’s very good news. Moving in together does not guarantee a working relationship. Many couples often break-up after moving in. Just have patience and you’ll both be happy.


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