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6 Activities Couples Can Do To Bond Together

The first, and easily most important that you need in a relationship is strong communication. If you don’t, then you can pretty much kiss your relationship goodbye. And bonding is the most simple, yet one of the most effective methods of communicating with your partner. Bonding is obviously different with every couple; some things work for some couples, and others don’t. But it takes time to figure that out, which you’ll probably discover through trial and error. But if you need some ways to create a bond, or reignite a bond with that special someone, here’s some activities that the two of you can do to help create a bond that’ll bring the two of you closer together.

Go for a picnic

Can work as a great lunch date, or even a nighttime date, watching the stars together. This kind of date can be great for bonding because of the things you guys can do together, including reading a book, perhaps seeing a band in a park, or even just sunbathing together. Central Park, or even your local park, would be a great place for this kind of date to come to fruition.

Explore nature together

I’m in an outdoors-y mood after writing that last one. If you want to have an outdoors date with your partner, but get a little more active, this may be for you. A fun nature date can include hiking, biking or even just walking through your local nature reserve. You guys can even pack a lunch and do a picnic like what I suggested before! There’s plenty of state parks and nature reserves around where I go to school, and many people I know either go on dates there, or just hang out with friends for a fun day outside. Either way, it seems like a fun bonding experience you and your partner can share together, as you make your way through the outdoors.

Learn about your partner’s past, but only when it’s right

This is a fairly tricky one. As you and your partner move forward in your relationship, there’s gonna come a time where you guys are gonna have to learn about each other’s past. That includes the good parts, and especially the bad parts. But you can’t just bring this up out of nowhere someday. It has to come up on its own, and if everything is going well, it will. By learning about the things your partner has gone through, they’ll begin to trust you more, and will be more willing to share other personal information with you as you move forward.

Go to each other’s family events

If you and your partner are gonna be together forever (hopefully), then you’re gonna gave to be acquainted with their family. Becoming familiar with them is a very important, and simply attending family events is a great way to do this. You’ll get a sense of what your partner is like around their family, and a sense of where they come from as well. And hey, if your partner’s family is half as awesome as your partner themselves, then you shouldn’t have much to worry about.

Go to a museum together

This is an interesting one. I relate this to the idea of seeing a movie, albeit much more engaging. Plus you have the chance to actually talk to your partner. Asking your partner how they interpret certain pieces of art can lead to interesting conversations as you make your way through the entirety of the museum. From this, you can learn a lot about the way you and your partner both look at the world, and find out things about each other you might not have known before.

Go on a regular date, but unplug yourselves from everything else

Concept: go on a regular date, whatever you two enjoy doing the most, and don’t check your cellphones the entire time you’re out (apart from maybe taking cute pictures). I’ve been on dates before where girls constantly check their phones the entire time, and it annoyed the hell out of me. I understand the occasional glance every now and then, but there were some dates that were just flat out unbearable. And I’m not gonna call you out on it because it’ll make things awkward and I’ll feel like an asshole. But please, and this can apply to guys too, just put the phone away during a date. Listen to your partner and what they have to say. Talking to someone is just half the game when it comes to bonding; you have to make sure they’re listening too.

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