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6 Actors That Should Definitely Start Directing Movies

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Sometimes, members of the entertainment industry crossover into industries they shouldn’t, like when Kim Kardashian tried to become a singer (but not Paris Hilton, because “Stars Are Blind” is amazing). Other times, talented actors successfully release music or star in musicals, or transition from acting in movies to directing them with ease.

So, taking that plunge can be a bit scary. If you’re Michael Jordan, you can go from playing basketball to starring in the iconic Space Jam without a problem. Some aren’t so lucky. Going from acting to directing might be the safest choice. I mean, you already know the industry, so it might just work.

Here are 6 actors that, for one reason or another, should look into making their directoral debut:

Meryl Streep

It just makes sense for Queen of the Oscars to direct a movie. She’d direct a complex, emotional film about a French farm girl whose family dies in a mysterious fire. It would win two Oscars, including one that Streep wins for Best Supporting Actress. Despite reaching critical acclaim, no one would ever re-watch this movie, as it’s just a bit too depressing to be watchable.

John Cena

This would either go really, really well, or tank completely. I’m excited to see which one it would be. Cena would direct and star in this film on a man who stumbles upon a time machine and decides to relive his college days. Don’t be fooled, though: the movie has a surprising depth to it. Whether it lands remains to be seen.

Leslie Mann

This one just kind of makes sense, as she’s married to Judd Apatow, who directed classics such as Knocked Up and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Mann has no doubt gleaned some knowledge on directing from Apatow, and she has more than proved her own comedic chops. Plus, Mann’s voice commanding a cast and crew would be hilarious on its own. Her movie would be a Bridesmaids-esque female-driven comedy, but without the gratuitous poop scene.

Finn Wolfhard (Eventually)

I mean, this just makes sense. This Stranger Things protege has already proved he’s talented, smart, and, as the kids say, “woke”. He’s in a band, too. There’s no doubt Wolfhard will get bored with all of the different jobs he already has, and will try his hand at directing. He’ll put out a stunning biopic on a famous musician, IDK which one yet though. The cinematography and costumes will steal the show, though.

Emma Watson

She’s basically the real-life Hermione. The actor has proven she’s smart, from admitting to mouthing along to Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint’s lines in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to attending Ivy League Brown University. She’s also not afraid of speaking her mind, so she could command the attention of her crew. Her film would be one of those indie coming-of-age film with heavy girl-power themes, but it would be better than it sounds.

Paul Rudd

I mean, he’s already acted, produced, and wrote several films. Directing seems like the logical next step. And he’s just so cute and ageless that I root for him no matter what. He’d surprise us with a darker comedy than we were expecting, but it’d keep people coming back for more.

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