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6 Adventurous Things You Can Do on a First Date

The typical date usually consists of a movie, dinner, and some small talk. But do you want to be like everyone else? Do you just want to go through the motions? Or do you want to make dating fun, and exciting?

If you want to have a memorable first date, one that promises a call back from your date, then maybe its time to be a bit more adventurous and think outside the box. Be the one to break away from the standard, and do something new, create new experiences and memories for you and your date.

Go Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be fun and a great way to bond as you two encourage each other to make it to the top. You can do it outdoors or go to an indoor climbing facility near you.

Go on a hike that leads to an amazing view

Trade your usual night out outfit for some boots and cargo pants, and take your date on a rewarding adventure. First gauge whether they’re someone who is active and what kind of trails would be best suited for them. Then take them on a hike where there’s great scenery and maybe even a view of the sunset as the cherry on top.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Do a scavenger hunt in your city, there are even some pre-made ones you can purchase or sign up for. It will be a fun adventure for you to work together while exploring the city.

Take a class

Take a class. A cooking class, a dance class, whatever. Do something that’s new for you and that you know is new for the other person as well. It will be fun to learn something new together and help each other out along the way. If you’re terrible at it, don’t worry. You’ll just have something to laugh and talk about afterwards.

Check out a band neither of you are familiar with

Find a band that neither of you know and go check them out. It will be a new experience and you neither of you really know what to expect. The performance can either be good and you two might even dance a bit, or it’s terrible and you can discuss how bad it was afterwards. Either way, it bonds you.

Amusement Park Rides

Amusement parks are always fun and to make this date even more adventurous, make a plan to tackle the biggest and fastest rides there. If a ride is too intense then at least you have each other. Just remember not to eat too much before getting on a roller coaster.


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