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‘6 Balloons’ Trailer: Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco Join the Netflix Family

CREDIT: Netflix

Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco are known for their roles in comedies such as Broad City and The Disaster Artist, respectively. But now the two are entering some new territory as they transition to drama in the upcoming film 6 Balloons.

The film is based on the personal story of producer Samantha Housman. It follows a woman (Jacobson) as she travels with her brother (Franco), with his 2-year-old daughter in tow, across L.A. in search of a detox center to treat his heroin addiction.

The trailer depicts some very raw and emotional scenes, some of which include Franco abusing substances while around his daughter, and another in which he is underwater inside of a car.

6 Balloons will premiere on Netflix on April 6. Watch the trailer below:

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