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6 Celebrity Gay Icons That Should be Everyone’s Icons

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In the great tradition of LGBQT culture there have been many famous allies that have stood side-by-side with the community wether it be through music, film or fashion they’ve helped many souls feel understood and liberated. Queue the gay icon, an emblem only given to those individuals who give the gays exactly what they want and in return, we the gays love them and turn them into glorified superstars of the world. Like the wise Samantha Jones one said, “fist come the gays, then girls, then the rest of world.” Here a list of gay icons that should honestly be everyone’s icons because they deserve it and because the gays say so. Deal with it.


 Do you believe in life after love? I’m not sure what the answer to that is but hell, every time a Cher song plays at a gay bar, shit this the fan and there’s no turning back. This goddess and long-time drag queen inspiration has been a vocal ally to the community and proud feminist. Never forget. Besides that she’s not afraid to call out politicians when they’re fucking up, plus did you see her tear the stage at the 2017 Billboard Awards. Come thru Cher!

Lady Gaga

Mother monster! If you thought this list would not include Stephanie Germanotta, YOU WERE WRONG. Gaga is the ultimate GAY ICON. She rose to fame giving a voice to all the little monsters of the world. She’s made a career out of making music for the gays, and also single-handedly saved pop music with Bad Romance, don’t argue with me, it’s science. Also she loves America, she has a great sense of fashion, SHE IS TALENTED AF and that’s that on that.

Oprah Winfrey

Do I really need to say why Oprah should be anyone’s icon? She’s only the queen of television and she basically invented high profile coming out with her talk show segment about well duh, coming out. Not to mention she was part of Ellen Degeneres’ big episode about being lesbian! ICONIC. She’s a strong woman with a lot of power who is also very rich bitch! For these and many other reasons Oprah is simply an icon.

Godney AKA Britney Spears

I don’t need to explain why. Godney, as the gays know her, has and will always be an icon in our community. She’s been through so much and despite all of it she keeps going and has reclaimed her throne as the princess of pop and the gays. No matter what the gays will forever stan Britney Jean. Her power to come back from the darkest time in her life is something any human can relate to, so stop what you’re doing and say a little prayer to Godney.

Carly Rae Jepsen

JUSTICE FOR CARLY RAE JEPSEN. She is a musical prodigy and that’s all. You either accept Carly as the icon she is and you stand with us or you stand against us. Your choice.

Celine Dion

The year is 20-17 and the vocalist, the queen of singing Celine Dion has made a come back and the gays are here for it 100 percent. I mean she’s got the voice, she’s got the love and GURL does she have the fashion! She had a rough couple years </3 and it was sad but like a phoenix she rose from the ashes and is living her best life. LONG LIVE CELINE!

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