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6 Dates You Can Still Go on Even if It’s Raining and Gross Out

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Winter always comes with shitty weather. Tough weather can ruin plans for everyone. Also, when it’s 30 degrees out, maybe that’s not the best time for a walk through the park.

Getting around in the rain is doable. In fact, you don’t have to let it ruin your date night. Be creative in your relationships. People mostly think a relationship is based on what you do with the other person.

Basic couples do the same shit repeatedly. Break the mold and bring new ideas to the table. Creativity in a relationship will keep things fresh. The rain can be a demeaning factor, but it is not the end of the world.

Game Night 

A good game night is fun. You can do this at either person’s house. Add some booze and your favorite playlist and it can be a solid night. All in the comfort of your own home. For some spice, add some pajamas and it’s a real party.


A quick car ride or train ride to a museum is a solid option as well. You can spend hours looking at art and history while walking through different exhibitions. Bring a camera along and take photos together and of your favorite exhibitions. This can lead to a great conversation after the date, and that is something everyone can appreciate.

Cozy Lunch/Dinner

Head over to your favorite spot and chow down. Couples love to eat, and some say it’s what keeps people together. Order some big appetizers and share them. This can also be a nice time to try new foods together. The bonds built over meals can last a lifetime. If it’s too gross out to your liking, takeout is always an option. Nothing says “I love you” more than a Domino’s pie.


This can be pretty basic, but when you have the time, it can be very creative. Dare each other to see a movie you probably have zero interest in. Perhaps your man hates horror movies and you love them. Your girl loves romantic comedies but you can’t stand them. Try to work with each other and see both! It’s gross outside and it’s not like you have anything better to do.

Bar Night

I’ve seen people walk through blizzards to get to their local watering hole. Hit up your favorite bar and drink the night away. Throw in some games if available as well. Beer pong bragging rights can keep things fun in any relationship. If a chill vibe is what you’re after, perhaps wine and good conversation could be a fine replacement. No weather condition is strong enough to keep people from their beloved alcohol.

Music Night

This would be perfect for music lovers. There’s so much music in the world and we all have different tastes. I think it’d be cool to make mixtapes for each other and then play them for the other person one night. This can help a couple bond and give plenty of conversation points as well. Everyone listens to music and a diverse playlist can open up doors for anyone. You may never think you’ll like a country song until someone shows you one.

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