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4 Travel Tips to Keep in Mind Before Your Next Vacation


Traveling can be an overwhelming experience. If you’re making your way abroad, the crowded airports and endless language barriers are often enough to exhaust you, but even if you’re keeping things local—packing light and navigating your route can bear their own challenges. Here are 4 travel tips to keep you sane on your next vacation:

Embrace Google translate

If you’re traveling to a country where you don’t know the language, don’t be afraid to embrace technology—like Google translate, or even more efficient translation services. These can be extremely helpful when you find yourself in a bind looking for a local’s help or navigating through unknown territory without a way to read the road signs.

Grab the hotel business card

The first time I traveled to London I ended up on the other side of the city from where I was staying—only to realize I had no idea where exactly my hotel was located. Of course, this was a rookie mistake—and I was very grateful to stumble upon an extremely friendly cab driver. But nonetheless, I have made it my rule of thumb to first and foremost grab the hotel business card off the counter when I check in so that I always have the address handy.

Pack light

I know this is a classic, but it’s still underestimated advice. Packing light will change your entire traveling experience—no matter where you’re going. It will make the airport routine less stressful if you’re flying and it will make your road trip more enjoyable if you’re venturing cross country. It’s easy to load up your car with extra pairs of shoes and endless coats—since you’re going to have it anyway—but I promise you, less is always more.

Bring medicine

Especially if you’re going somewhere outside of the states. It’s always a comfort to have the Advil on hand or the Tums if you’re going somewhere where you won’t find these items at the local market.

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