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6 Destinations That Are Worth The Long Flight

Traveling can be a pain when the flights are super long.  It almost makes the journey not worth it.  Don’t let the flight time scare you because once you get to these amazing places you won’t even remember how horribly long that plan ride was.  Here are 6 destinations you should visit if you’re not afraid of a long flight:


A flight from the U.S. to Australia is somewhere around 19 hours. It’s definitely a long one, but there’s so many things to do there that it would be worth the long flight.  Hang out at Bondi Beach which is one of the greatest beaches in the world, or head to Darwin to do all things marine life.  Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge to get one of the best views in the city, or take a snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  It’s a great place to go for an adventurer, and you won’t regret it even though the flight is hella long.


The average flight time from the U.S. to China would be around 14 hours. Much shorter than Australia, but still pretty long.  If you’re going to China you have to hike the great wall; it would be a disappointment if you didn’t.  Head to the Forbidden City to get the best history lesson you’ll ever receive.  Visit the Yúngāng Caves or the Mògāo Grottoes to see a ton of Buddhist art.  The country is huge, so you’ll never run out of things to do, and you won’t regret taking the flight over.


Japan is also a 14 hour flight from the U.S., and has so many things to offer.  Take a day trip from Tokyo on the bullet train to Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi.  Visit Meiji Shrine, Japan’s most famous Shinto shrine, stroll the gardens of the Imperial Palace, and spend time at Asakusa Kannon Temple, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple.  Go shopping at places like Nakamise Shopping Street and the Ginza district.  There’s so much to do, and only so little time so start planning your trip now!


Okay so I know this flight time is extremely long, but you’re going to the fricken’ Maldives.  It’s a 20 hour flight from the U.S. to spend days lounging in the sun on some amazing beaches.  You can scuba dive and snorkel all day, or look for dolphins until your bored of staring at the beautiful blue ocean.  Get a massage or just hang out at your bungalow.  This is a trip meant for relaxing and enjoying the sun; something everyone needs.


It’s an 18 hour flight from the U.S. to Bangkok, Thailand.  Visiting the Grand Palace and the Golden Triangle have to be at the top of your list when visiting Thailand. The Grand Palace is a series of buildings that’s almost 200 years old.  The Golden triangle is the place where Thailand, Laos, and Burma/Myanmar all meet.  It’s also the place where the Mekong River and Ruak River meet.  Make sure to spend some time with the elephants before you leave because they’re such amazing creatures.  Also before you head over on your long journey, study up on all the customs of Thailand so you don’t offend any local customs.

South Africa

The flight time to South Africa is around 18 hours.  This is definitely a trip every adventurer needs to take, so if this calling your name, don’t ignore it.  Hike to the top of Lion’s Head Mountain or Table Mountain, spend a day at the beach, swim with the penguins at Boulders Beach, or bungee jump off the world’s largest bridge; these are all activities in Cape Town that you have to do.  There’s tons of other things to do in South Africa, but make sure to get those in before you head back to the states!

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