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6 Fun Things to Do For The Holidays If You’re Spending Them Alone

Because your relatives are annoying.

The holidays are all about being grateful and spending time with your loved ones. For some of us, however, our life doesn’t permit for us to leave and be with our families during the holiday season. That idea might sound foreign to you but its a reality many people face. It can be easy to fall into a sadness because you’re “alone” during the holidays but that concept is entirely untrue. Let us remind ourselves that having to spend more than 24 hours with our families usually ends up being a slow and painful torture; how many times can you smile when your Aunt Ida comments on how much weight you’ve gained?

There’s a certain liberty that comes from getting to spend the holidays alone because you make the decisions that day. In fact, spending the holidays alone sounds pretty ideal to me! But the holiday blues is sure to creep up so you have to be prepared to avoid that slippery slope. There is a long list of things you can while alone that will make the holiday more fun than you’d think. There’s a huge difference between being alone and being lonely; so have those activities planned to avoid the latter.

Go on a vacation

This is the perfect time to get away to a sunny island and work on the tan you’ve been dreaming of. If the beach is not your particular favorite, you could fly out to the mountains and learn to snowboard. These types of liberties are not permitted when restrained by the army of people you call family. We all love to spend time with our families but sometimes you should spend time with your own damn self. Learn something new, go out and visit a place you’ve never been!

Create your own traditions

The holidays entail a certain set of traditions that have been practiced for generations in your family. Why not break free from those traditions and create your own? If one day you decide to have a family of your own, you can incorporate your family traditions but also practice your very own. If you start wearing your pajamas all day on Christmas Eve and make pancakes for dinner, that might be something you want to continue in the future. Create your own traditions!

Catch up on some sleep

Our lives don’t permit us to get the amount of sleep we deserve. Between work, family and our friends, we’re desperately seeking a good night’s rest. Get some rest because once the holidays are over, you won’t have the time to get the sleep you need.

Get outside and go for a walk

One year on Christmas Day, I decided to go for a walk in the city. To my delight, the streets were empty and the city was silent. There was no moment more cathartic yet invigorating than that moment. I encourage you to take a walk and spend it in self reflection, for once you can actually feel present.

Sing like a fool

When no one is home, you can be in your underwear and listening to your favorite tunes as loud as you want. Sing your little heart out! Perform a concert for the walls of your apartment that can’t criticize you. Don’t shy away from the Christmas tunes, sing “All I Want For Christmas” like you’re Mariah Carey circa 1994.

Do something good for someone else

The holidays are not just about your family, it’s about treat your fellow man like family. If you have that one neighbor who usually spends the holidays alone, make a basket full of holiday goodies and give it to them. It’ll make their day and shockingly make yours too.

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