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6 Men Get Real About What They Love Most About Sex

Sex is like pizza: if it’s good, it’s great, if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Honestly, what’s there not to love about having sex? It eases tension, it feels amazing, and if you’re lucky enough to be having sex without you actually love, it’s a connection like you’ve never felt before.

So, knowing how awesome sex is, we wanted to ask men what their favorite part about having sex is. Here’s what they have to say:

“For me it’s always been about the build up. Sex itself is amazing, but the best part is knowing you’re about to have it. Sex is something that’s obviously really passionate, so getting teased before makes it take much more amazing.” -Henry, 29

“It’s all about the passion. If there’s no passion when you’re having sex you might as well be doing it yourself. If you’re passionate and your partner is passionate, it’ll be the best experience of your life.” -Mike, 31

“The best part about having sex is being lucky enough to have someone let you have sex with them. It’s an intimate thing, right? So I’m just happy that there are women out there who deem me good enough to have sex with. Thanks, ladies.” -Ben, 27

“To me, the best part is all about the woman I’m with getting off. Yes, I want to have a great orgasm too, but nothing turns me on quite as much as when the woman I’m with is turned on. That’s everything to me.” -Justin, 33

“There’s no ‘best part.’ Every part of it is awesome.” -Mitchell, 23

“I’ve been married for a while and I dated a lot before that too and I can honestly tell you that eventually, it’s all the same. What really matters is the connection you have with the person you’re doing it with. If you’re in love with them and they’re in love with you, it will be incredible every time.” -Pete, 37

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