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6 Reasons Alone Time With Your Significant Other is so Important


In any relationship, time alone with your partner is important. Spend to much time apart, or with others, and what relationship is even really there? Time alone at Lover’s Lookout is better spent than time doing the Charleston together at the sock-hop, anyway. All the egg creams in the world won’t make a relationship peachy keen unless you two get that private time your relationship needs and (hopefully) deserves. Here are some reasons to make “Us time” a priority.


You two may dig on each other in the presence of others when there’s stuff to do/talk about. But when you two are alone together, are you both bored out of your minds? If you can’t enjoy each others’ company in a vacuum, then it may be time to give that relationship the ax and move on to someone who’s a bit more interesting.


It isn’t easy to spill your guts in front of prying ears. The only way you can get down to the nitty-gritty of how you feel is to be isolated with your partner so you can truly be yourself, away from the judgment of others. Only one person will be able to hear you talk about your personal business, and it’s somebody you trust.


Privacy is important for doing the do. There’s no need to rub up on each other in public, that’s nasty for everyone else who’s forced to be in your vicinity. As the old adage goes, “Get a room!” Spend enough alone time together and get your rocks off there so nobody has to deal with your raging libidos in public.

Long Distance

No, face-timing does not count as alone time. No, texting does not count as a private conversation. To much emotion and humanity is lost in translation through digital media. You have to be in person together to really make a meaningful connection, and maintain the health of your relationship. There’s a reason that long distance relationships are difficult, after all.


Out and about, most people try and maintain at least a halfway decent appearance. But when people are in private, all bets are off. Lounging around in underwear, letting various hair go unattended, people look wholly different when they don’t feel like they are being watched. Being alone together enough will enable you both to be physically honest with each other, and not feel compelled to put on an a public appearance in your private lives together.

Awkward Silence

Such a thing should not exist in a relationship. Talk is important of course, but you shouldn’t feel compelled to be constantly talking out of fear of some kind of awkward break in the conversation. Spending alone time together will condition the both of you to embrace this silence, and learn to implicitly understand that just being near each other can be rewarding.


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