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6 Reasons Why Dating Apps are Your Worst Nightmare


Dating is a bitch. When our parents were growing up and demons like Tindr and Grindr didn’t exist, dating was suave and kind of exciting, TBH. Now, you swipe right and left and hook up with whomever is less than 800 ft. away. Welcome to millennial dating, the cause of my breakouts and ever so casual anxiety attacks. Truth be told they’re here to stay and make our love life a living nightmare.

Angles Lie

We all know that the posts we see on Insta aren’t real. I mean yes, they’re posted by a human, but not without the routine of applying basic editing techniques before actually posting it. This process can last up to one hour, depending on what you want to blur, mold, erase, add or whatever. Since these dating apps are based on a ‘love through the eyes’ algorithm – pictures are like very important – so in order to get the most matches sometimes we edit and lie about our looks because we all want love and a match.

Profiles That Leave You Scared

Sexy , Romantic and Steamy Conversations

Getting Catfished

Yup, it is the year 20-17 and people are still out there falling victims to a catfish situation. It really worries me and we should investigate.

You feel more lonely by using them

Dating apps can be fun, I won’t lie, I’ve met one or two interesting guys and had really nice conversations. But in the end being on all those apps can sometimes backfire and make you feel worse. You match with someone or are brave enough to send a message and nothing happens, or you get ghosted or stood up, ET-CET-ER-A. Point is sometimes these apps only mess up your head and emotions.

You become an awkward dater because IRL interaction is so pasé

Facts. After months and months of being online and not having face-to-face interaction, it’s hard to get back into the dating field. You forget what to say, how to act, how to eat or even how to be yourself. Inherently, going on dates becomes a trigger and you do it less and when you actually do it – it sucks!

We’re forgetting how to enjoy dating and we need to investigate. R.I.P. dating.

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