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6 Reasons Why Having a Female Boss is The Best

You say bitch, we say boss.

It astounds me that in this day and age, people still allow gender stereotypes to infiltrate the workplace. In fact, women are still paid less than men while doing the same type of work. We could go on and on about certain aspects of society that aren’t necessarily purveyors for gender equality; but instead I choose to elaborate on how formidable women are in the workplace. I work at a school that has for years struggled academically and behaviorally in comparison to other schools in the area. This year, the school has shown such dramatic improvements ranging from the graduation rate to the community service in the city. This progress, of course, was not spontaneous and lucky; it was at the hands of the brilliant administrative team which happens to be completely female.

From the principal to the dean of discipline, every member of the team is an asset to the school’s success and without their strength would never achieve such heights. It begs me to wonder how much of their gender can affect their ability to dominate the workplace? Of course, there is no scientific correlation between gender and one’s potential to thrive; yet, there’s no proof that says there isn’t. So in complete awe to their power and intelligence, I have noticed a certain set of qualities that all of the women share on the administrative team. And even as I reflect on those qualities, I’ve come to realize that most women possess these talents. Shout out to the hardworking girls out there, the future truly is female.

Our communication skills are on point

Women are amazing talkers but even better listeners. We have the ability to hear a problem someone has and be able to resolve it in one conversation. And to top it off, we usually end it with a hug or with the complete adoration of the person we assisted.

We are great with money

Men have a crazy idea that all women want to do is spend money and shop; and you’d be right, we do want to but we don’t. Women are great with handling money and understand how to allocate funds to the most financially feasible place.

Multitasking is our forte

We have this superpower that allows us to complete more than one activity at a time and doing so flawlessly. If it’s difficult for you to understand that idea, think about how easy it is for a woman to fake an orgasm while sucking in her stomach as she strategizes in her head how to incorporate new processes to benefit her company. Yeah. We’re that good.

We’re diplomatic

We’re able to see all sides of a situation without brushing aside someone because they’re being “emotional”. We can understand multiple points of view and can assuage any conflict in a polite manner.

We understand the battle of work versus life

Women also tend to be more sympathetic when it comes to unavoidable circumstances that affects our work schedule. If your child gets sick while at school, there is no guilt having to go pick them up because we get it. Sometimes life gets in the way so you take care of the issue so you can come back to work and get shit done.

We’re basically ideal leaders

Women are constantly trying to prove our ability to handle anything at work, so we take on any task and do it with excellence. For years, women lacked the opportunities to achieve certain goals in life and now we have the chance. We don’t sit idly by waiting for a man to make something happen for us. We’re making things happen now.

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