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6 Reasons I’m Over Taylor Swift and You Should be Too

CREDIT: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube

I’m as over Taylor Swift as I am over 2017. For me, Taylor Swift hasn’t brought anything new or that good to the table. Her whiny breakup songs are getting old, and her flaunting of her “squad” is just annoying.

And somehow this self-declared feminist seems to get into a lot of feuds with other female artists. Like her distasteful reaction to Niki Minaj speaking up for women of color in the industry. And let’s not forget the cultural appropriation, and her inability to recognize her privilege.

Taylor Swift for me is a thing of the past, and I am completely over her, because this “Bad Blood” singer has too much bad blood of her own, and has done enough to make me go from sort of liking her, to leaving her in 2017 where she belongs: the trash.

1. Cultural Appropriation

So where to start? I know. Lets start with her “Shake it Off” video where Swift appropriated black hip-hop culture, in a satirical way. Then we have her “Wildest Dreams” video, where she romanticized colonialism in Africa, and surprisingly the video didn’t feature one African person.

2. Her Non-Inclusive Feminism

Back in 2015 Nicki Minaj spoke out about women of color not being recognized enough for their work, pointing out how many of the winning videos at the VMAs featured slimmer women. You would expect the oh-so-feminist Taylor to support Nicki, but instead she accused her of pitting women against each other. Instead of recognizing the race-related issues, Swift ignorantly went on talking about women uniting, after trying to shut down a fellow female artist who was only trying to speak up for women of color who aren’t recognized in the world of white feminism.

3. Her Not So Diverse “Squad”

Taylor loves to use the word “squad,” a term mainly used in black culture, yet her squad isn’t very diverse. Feminism is suppose to be all inclusive, but the feminism which Taylor portrays doesn’t seem to be all inclusive. Most of her squad features white women, with petite bodies, who are able-bodied and heterosexual.

4. Her Dancing Makes Me Cringe

I’m tired of seeing videos of her dancing. It’s either she learns to just do a basic two step, or leaves the dancing to the back up dancers. We know dancing tends to be a part of the performance but, when it comes to Swift she can take several seats.

5. I’m Tired of Her Leech-Like Lyrics, Which Latch on to My Brain and Never Leave My Head

Her songs are mostly a bunch of hooks, which get engrained in your head and never seem to leave. It’s like a curse, and honestly it makes me not like her even more for creating such catchy hooks that I can’t get out of my head even if I tried.

6. She’s Always In Some Drama

Whether it’s a feud with another artist, or a breakup with yet another boyfriend, Swift is always in some drama. Like how many feuds can one girl have, the one with Kanye goes all the way back to 2009 and is still ongoing today. And with every year there seems to be a new feud between her and another star, like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. What happened to girls uniting?

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