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6 Reasons You Should Never Announce Your Wins on Social Media


Do you know anyone who’s not on at least one form of social media? Even grandma hopped on Facebook to look up her elementary school friend. But social media, besides connecting the world, showed us how sick in the head people can be. You know the type. Everyday posters. They post every single day.

People will get tired of seeing your name on their feed. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, nobody wants to see that much of your life. Don’t be that guy who has to mystory their car every time it gets washed, or posts on Instagram every time they go out to sushi. Everyone knows what sushi is. We all know what it looks like.

If you’re one of those social media fiends, you should take a step back and think about what you’re doing because it’s fucked up. Here’s 6 reasons you should never announce your wins on social media.

People will think you’re bragging

If you constantly share everything good that’s happening in your life, people will resent you. Nobody wants to wake up every morning and see the view from your high rise office for the fiftieth time. The only way you’ll get a like out of them is if you film yourself jumping out the window.

Nobody cares

Nobody cares about you, your car, your house, your boat, and especially not your 4.0 semester at college. When you find out that half your followers blocked you, it’s not because they’re haters. At least not in the general sense. They just hate you and everything you do. Anyone you see often, if they’re good people and care about you, will tell you to stop. Those likes you get aren’t equivalent to how many people even care you’re alive.

Haters will hate you

Trolls. People are animals are social media. If you’re constantly showing off, eventually you’ll attract the attention of one of these animals. They’ll leave a nice vicious comment or send you a direct message advising you how you should go about killing yourself. You can block them, but if you’re posting that much about all the good things in your life, your self esteem isn’t very high to begin with and your ego will be bruised.

You’ll have a false sense of happiness

It cannot be stressed enough that nobody cares. Someone was scrolling through Instagram while taking a shit and decided to double tap the screen. They probably didn’t even look to see who posted it. If you’re one of those people who needs over a hundred likes on a picture, just know that maybe five of those people care. You sit there fidgeting with anxiety when no likes come after two minutes. That’s a fucked up way to live. It might make you feel good, but it’s not real. Find other ways to boost your self esteem other than posting your successes on social media.

You’ll get robbed

Probably not, but maybe. If you’re one of those people who allow anyone to view your profile and constantly post pictures of your nice ass pool at your nice ass house, some sicko will put the pieces together and find out where you live. When you’re letting everyone know how awesome that trip to Madagascar is, your house is being cleaned out of all the nice crap you loved to show off on social media. Not worth the chance.


You love posting all your expensive gadgets and all your expansive meals on social media. You’ve done it for a couple years now, and it’s one of the only things that brings you joy. And then one day, you get laid off. All that nice shit you loved to show off to people is slowly disappearing. Your source of self esteem is gone, and your followers couldn’t be happier. Make sure to stay humble, even on social media.

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