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6 Reasons Your Significant Other Should be Priority Numero Uno

It shouldn’t be a foreign concept, really: your significant other should come first. The person you love should be above everything and everyone else. Yet, for whatever reason, that idea is lost of some people.

I remember asking my dad one time: “Who do you love me, me or mom?” To be honest, I was in shock when he said my mom, but then he explained. He told me that he loves me endlessly, but, someday, I’m going to move out and start my own life. So, eventually, it’s just going to be him and my mom again. He will always love her more than anyone else because she’s the one that’s going to be there in the end and their relationship needs to stay strong.

How sentimental, right?

Well, that got me thinking, your significant other should always come first. Love should always come first. Over money, over your friends, apparently, even over your kids.

Because relationships are hard

Bottom line, relationships take a lot of damn effort. So, you always need to put the person you love first because of that. You need to work at loving each other everyday. You need to work through the bullshit everyday. Relationships are essentially a full time job. Think about it this way, if you looked at your relationship as a job that paid you $1,000,000 a year, would you put it first? Of course you would. Spoiler alert: your relationship is priceless, so work at it like it is.

Because everyone needs attention

At the end of the day, the person you love needs your attention. They need to know that you’re there, that will be their support system when need be, that you will be there. Just because you’ve been in a relationship for however many years doesn’t mean the person you’re with automatically knows how you feel. So, make them a priority. Go on dates; do the little things that still matter.

Because they should be the most important person

Like my dad said, your significant other is the most important person. They’re the ones who are there at the end of the day. They’re there more than your friends, your kids, your anything. They’re the one you go to bed with at night. So do yourself a favor, act like it. Show them that they’re the most important person to you BECAUSE THEY ARE.

Because you should want to make them happy

It’s important to see the person you love happy, right? Making your partner a priority will certainly make them happy, can guarantee that. Once they’re happy, everything else in your relationship is going to go smoothly. I’ll be the first one to tell you that when I made my now wife a priority when we were just dating, it changed everything. Women (and men too) will go above and beyond for someone who aims to make them happy. Be that someone.

Because it should be important to you too

And to be honest, it should be important to put them first. Why not? give me a good reason you’re not doing it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If you’re one of those people that things there are things like money or stuff that might be more important than your significant other, I want you to do something. Go get a piece of paper and write down your priorities. Then, take a look at that piece of paper and make sure it makes sense. Spoiler alert: if your partner isn’t at the top of that list, it won’t make sense.

Because that’s what a relationship is

Yeah. It’s putting someone first. Always. Showing the person you love and that loves you how much they mean to you. Always. It’s caring about them first. Forever.

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