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6 Reasons You’ll Love The Roseanne Reboot


Are you digging the season of reboots? Me neither. But there is one that’s looking to be pretty good, from genius creator Chuck Lorre. The Connor clan returns to television in the reboot hit ’90s sitcom Roseanne, with a modern twist. Even if you weren’t a fan then, here are the reasons you will be now.

Crabby People

If you never saw the original, the Connors were notorious for their snide comments, loathing for each other, and ability to hate who they loved. This has been elevated to the next level as Roseanne and Dan take on the titles of curmudgeons, as they embrace their older age. If you thought they were snarky then, just wait. You’re sure to identity with them.

Blatant Disregard

At the end of its original airing, Dan (John Goodman) died from a heart attack. The reboot has decided to ignore this and let him continue on as the good ol’ lovable dad he is.

The Second Becky

Since two different actresses played the role of Becky, fans were unsure how the reboot would handle this. The solution? Bring ’em both back! One as Becky, one as a surrogate for Becky. I’m sure that will feel natural to the story.

The Acting

One thing that these reboots have done well is the actors jumping right back into their old characters. Imagine playing a role, then not playing it for 20 years, then being asked to pick up right where you left off. But based on the reactions of those who have already seen the first few episodes, the cast has done a grade-A job of reprising their roles.

The Modernization

In the reboot, Darlene (Sara Gilbert) has a 9-year-old son who likes to wear dresses and “colors that pop.” Roseanne and Dan worry that he’ll get bullied, but they aren’t from a place of disgust, as is typical of older generations. It’s a very progressive tone, and one that will hopefully resonate with audiences.

The Writing!

The original run had great writing, with perfectly timed jokes, deadpan deliveries, and clever wit. Since going on to succeed in other projects, Chuck Lorre has only sharpened his skills, and some of the reboot’s jokes make that evident. For example, Darlene comments that her aunt Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) looks younger than her by saying she’s embalmed in Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

The reboot premieres on ABC Tuesday, March 27.

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