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6 Reasons You’re Problems Aren’t Really Problems so Shut the Fuck Up


Are you reading this article right now? Are you laying in your bed, on your smartphone, all alive and healthy and shit? Is that bed in a house or apartment that contains food (or takeout)? Yeah, I thought so. Your problems really aren’t that fucking bad, calm down.

Look, we all deal with shit all the time. Problems are abundant. We constantly worry about jobs, rent, relationships, bullshit. What we seldom understand is that our problems aren’t actually problems, they’re obstacles that we have to hurdle over in order to get to where we want to be in life.

So, to all the people who make bitching about things a hobby, do me a favor: relax.

Everything changes constantly

Here’s the good thing about life: everything is always changing. Something that seems like a problem to you yesterday may not seem like a problem today. Remember that time you thought the world was going to fall of off it’s axis when Becky from elementary school didn’t want to play with you? Guess what, you’re in your twenties now and fuck Becky. Point is, everything is always changing so if you think you have a problem just breathe and remember tomorrow is another day.

You have a support system

You can sit here and attempt to convince me that you don’t have friends, family, or anyone to turn to if you have a problem but guess what, yes you do. If you really want a support system you can find that in someone no matter who you are. So, considering you have a support system, use them. Get advice, get help, go to them with your problems and attempt to tackle them together.

You can change

If all else fails here’s the most important thing you need to remember: if you have a problem that you can’t change, remember that you can change. You can pivot. You can choose to look at things differently. You can choose to change the way you react to something. You can change everything about yourself in order to make your problems disappear. Just look at people who change their entire identities to get away from their crazy exes.

If you’re having an issue with something, you can start over

Worse case scenario, you can always start over. If you fail or your having a problem getting somewhere or doing something, you can literally start over. Forget about someone judging you or looking at you differently; fuck everyone else. Start over and make sure you do better.

You can look at the silver lining

Ah, the silver lining. Yes, every situation has it. You can figure out how to look at the bright side of every situation. If you have a problem just remember that there is in fact a silver lining in there somewhere if you look hard enough.

Life is fleeting

Life is short. Seriously. Stop bitching about your non-existent problems all the time. You’re healthy, you’re alive, go enjoy your life.

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