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6 Things You Can do to Never Look Like an Asshole to Women Ever Again


Women complain a lot that men are assholes, which isn’t entirely wrong. Men can be assholes sometimes. It happens.

One sentence or action can cause a rift in a relationship, marriage, or the thirty minutes you put in talking to the girl at the local dive bar. There’s a difference between being an asshole to your girlfriend and being an asshole to a random girl at the bar, but the bottom line is you’re being an asshole.

Not being an asshole is a trait everyone should try and have. You especially shouldn’t be an asshole to women, because you’ll wake up on your fortieth birthday drunk and alone. Here’s 6 things you can do to never look like an asshole to women ever again.

Try and talk about whatever is bothering you

If your wife or girlfriend does something that pisses you off, it’s easy to be a passive aggressive asshole. Or an upfront asshole. It makes you feel better to get back at them for whatever they did. It’s hard, but talking about what pissed you off will save both of you from a fight, and you may even break some ground and better understand each other. It’s not easy for a lot of guys, but talking calmly instead of yelling could diffuse the situation a lot quicker. Be upfront, but not brutally upfront.

Have a filter

We all know you want to say that one thing you know will set your girlfriend off. Instead of plowing ahead and saying it, stop and think to yourself for a moment. “Is what I’m about to say smart?” If not, walk away. The same goes for a girl you just met. When you’re fifteen shots deep you won’t determine what’s smart or not, so ask yourself: “Is what I’m about to say fucked up?” If yes, linger in the awkward silence for a few more seconds and try to come up with something that won’t send her running back to her friends.

Show some emotion in your relationship

If you’re a sociopath work on putting up a good front. Show some sympathy when your girlfriend had a bad day at work. At least have empathy for her emotions when something upsets her. Being in a relationship means you should share your emotions and insecurities with each other. And if you can’t do that, at least respect her ability to.

Be a man and apologize

So you don’t show emotion and now your girl is mad at you, which is understandable. During a fight you think you’re right, but after the smoke clears most people realize when they’re wrong. Don’t be a stubborn asshole. If you were wrong, don’t sit in silence waiting for her to make first contact. Be a man, or just a well-adjusted human being, and admit you were wrong.

Have some self control

Before you do something, you should ask yourself: “does this benefit just me, or others?” In a relationship you should do things that are mutually beneficial for both of you. We’re all human, so you can’t do this with every decision – but you should make an extra effort when you’re in a relationship. If you don’t, you won’t be in a relationship for long, and you’ll find yourself back at the dive bar fifteen shots deep.

Don’t get in a relationship with a girl unless you’re ready

It’s irresponsible not to work on yourself then get into a relationship. If you’re not mature enough for the responsibilities that come with a relationship, don’t waste anyone’s time. It’ll crash and burn, probably because of you, and that’s an incredibly large asshole move.

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