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6 Things You Can Do If Your Partner Has a Lower Libido Than You


No two people are exactly alike. Sex drives vary amongst people. When two people who have different sex drive get together, it can become more complicated than either one was expecting. This can cause frustration which can lead to confrontations and in the long road, a breakup. However, it is not the end of the world, there are ways to fix mixed libidos.  So if you have a higher sex driver than your partner, here are some ways to fix the problem.


If your partner has a low sex drive, one of the way to improve it, is to get some help. Many people know that viagra is the pill used to help men who can’t get an erection be able to do so. It has been helpful for those who want to keep having an active sex life. There is also a pill for women called Addyi. Talk to your partner and see if they are willing to take medication. If not, you can also try other things, like foods considered natural aphrodisiacs. Oysters are one of the most popular foods said to increase libido.

Touch, Touch

Sometimes things do not go as planned.  If you can’t convince your partner to have more sex, take matters into your own hand. Explore your own body. Learn about spots you may have never noticed.  Create a setting where you can be alone and relaxed. Turn down the lights, light some candles and get in touch with yourself. This can take the edge of some of your desires. You won’t walk around as frustrated as you were before.


On top of masturbating, you can up the ante by going shopping. Get some special toys for yourself. Try out new things that you never would. You don’t have to go and buy out a sex store or get all Fifty Shades of Grey (unless you want to). Exploring things can open up a new world for yourself. It will also give you something more to bring to the bedroom when you two do get down and dirty.

Build Intimacy 

If one part of your relationship is lacking, try to build up the other parts. If you shift the focus elsewhere, it might put things into perspective. Focus on how you communicate.Learn how to listen. Some people listen only to respond, Listen to truly comprehend what your partner is telling you.  Take time to touch your partner without sex being the end goal. Increase the times you cuddle and just talk to each other about goals, dreams and etc. This can make your partner feel closer to you. It might also make them more amorous which is a win  for you.

Exchange Fantasies

Have a conversation with your partner about what their turn-ons are. Learn what their deepest darkest fantasies are. Then try to bring it to life. Knowing that you took the time out to listen and recreate their fantasies will probably get them hot and bothered.  Knowing that you are there to love them and give them what they want should also help. Before you know, both of you will be naked and you won’t even know how it all happened so quickly.

Back up

Sometimes absence makes the heart fonder. Don’t pressure your partner. Focus on your relationship, your job, and your hobbies. This can also make the sex better. When you have something all the time, you sometimes take it for granted. When it’s gone, you learn to appreciate it.  Make your partner comfortable in the knowledge that sex is not the only thing you care about. However, if it is, you have to consider that maybe you need to exit the relationship.


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