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6 Things Every Single Should Do When It Comes To Casual Sex

When pursuing casual sex with someone, it is always good to be prepared especially if you’re a female. While we live in the awesome 1st century, there are still some things we have to pay attention to. Your safety i s your number one priority.  After all who is going to take care of your needs like you?


If you’re going to pursue casual sex, this is one of the most important things a girl needs. Do not expect your partner to have one. That is one of the ways that people can convince others to not use them. As a female, you do not need to carry male ones. Especially since you may not know what size to get. Keep it simple and get one that works for you. Female condoms exist, for your use, and pleasure.

Birth Control

As part of another protection method, birth control is great. There are many options such as the pill, NuvaRing and IUD’s. Make yourself familiar with one. Condoms and birth control can give you a higher protection against pregnancy. The last thing you want is an accidental pregnancy. So use the methods to decrease the chance of that occurring. Check with your Gynecologist, and select the right one for you.

Let’s Talk about STDS

Sexually Transmitted DIsease are nothing to play with or be cavalier about. Some can not only last a lifetime but also can decrease your chance of getting pregnant.  Many guys are not willing to admit when they have a Std or even know that they have one. Not all STD have symptoms.  Women are more likely to initiate a conversation about STDS. It is not always easy to have that conversation, but it is better than sitting in a waiting room being told you have STD.


When meeting up with someone that you do not know too well, be careful. Text one of your trusted friends with the name of the person you’re with and the address. It’s best to put security measures into place. Many women are victims of sexual assault by people they know. It’s good to have a friend who can alert authorities. If you can get a picture of them or description, that is great. These may seem to be extra, but when it comes to safety, you can never be too careful.

It’s also wise to carry pepper spray or any legal weapons. Use them wisely. Make sure you check our local laws to make sure you are accurately following them. Females are often targets, especially if they seem vulnerable. When having casual sex, it can make you a target because people typically like to target those they can get alone. If someone gives the chills and not the good kind, steer clear. Also, Make sure you watch your drink. Never leave a drink unattended.  Be careful who and where you set up a rendezvous with.

Get That Money

Make sure when you do have sex, you have money to get home. Sometimes you might get a gentleman who will take you home, but other times you might not want them to know where you live. You should always have some cash or a card with money on it to get an Uber or Lyft to go home. It’s best to take a purse to carry some money in and to watch it or keep it wrapped around you. A small clutch is perfect for those nights.

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