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6 Things To Remember When The Guy You Like Isn’t Texting You Back

In this day and age a lot of people base their relationships on texting and Snapchat. This is something that I personally despise because I’m more of an old-school kind of gal.  I know most people do focus a lot on text backs so I’ve made a list of rules for you to follow if the guy you like doesn’t text you back.  Please take these to heart and don’t do anything dumb while waiting for that text back.

Don’t freak out

The worst thing you can do is freak out. Be calm and resume life as normal. There could be a number of reasons why he’s not texting back, so don’t always think the worst of it.

Maybe he’s not a texter

I know plenty of guys who despise texting. They’d much rather talk on the phone or in person rather than texting because it’s impersonal. So if the guy you like is one of those guys and you know it, then don’t get offended if he doesn’t text back every 5 seconds.  Maybe try to see things his way and give him a call to discuss plans instead of texting.

He’s probably busy

I know it’s hard to believe but he probably does have a life that doesn’t involve you.  Don’t be that girl that buds into every part of his life. Give him time to respond; he could be with his family or friends or ya know not on his phone all the time.  Don’t base your relationship on texting either, nothing positive will come of that.

Don’t be a bitch when he does respond

So what if it takes him a little bit to respond? You do not own him, so you have no right to be a bitch when he responds to you.  Yeah you can be frustrated and angry, but don’t take it out on a text to him because I can guarantee you he will take much longer to respond after that.

Don’t blow up his phone

If you send a text and he’s taking a bit to respond do not send him 10 more texts hoping he will text you back. Let me repeat that… DO NOT SEND HIM MORE TEXTS OUT OF DESPERATION. That’s very embarrassing for you and extremely clingy, and in case you forgot: no one likes a clingy person.

You’re still worth it

At the end of the day you’re still a person that deserves to find love.  Maybe the guy never responds and that could be a good thing. It could mean it’s time to move on to a different person, someone that cares about you. Just remember: don’t read too much into the situation and try your best to go with the flow of things.  Everything will work out in the end exactly how it’s supposed to!

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