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6 Things You Need to Thank Your Ex For Immediately


I know that it’s a tad unconventional for someone to thank their ex. However, if you really think about, there are a ton of things you should be thanking your ex for. Whether you split amicably or it was a Brangelina situation, there is a lot to be thankful for regardless. Life is made up of experiences, right? Had you not experienced love and loss with your ex, you likely wouldn’t be who you are today.

If you’re reading this and calling me insane claiming that your ex is an asshole/bitch and you’d rather run them over with a bike than thank them for anything, listen up.

For teaching you something about love

No matter how you’re relationship ended, it taught you something. It taught you the kind of love you want in your life. Clearly that relationship didn’t work out because it wasn’t right, but thanks to it and your ex, you know exactly how you want to be loved. On top of that, you know the kind of person you want to be in a relationship.

The relationship ending doesn’t really matter. The point here is that you learned what your deal breakers are moving forward. You know how you want to be treated, what you need emotionally, what you need physically, and how you want to be a couple with the next person you date.

For teaching you something about yourself

Gasp. Yes, they taught you things about yourself to. As much as you might not want to admit it, you’re not perfect and looking back on your relationship you’ll realize where you went wrong. Though you hate thinking about how you fucked up, there’s a good chance you did. So, you’re ex taught you how to objectively look at yourself and realize how you need to improve.

During the relationship this likely caused a ton of tension and fighting, but when you really look at yourself you’re aware of what your shortcomings are. Your ex taught you how to be better in your next relationship. They likely taught you how to be more open, more aware, and how to communicate should a problem arise in your next relationship.

For your time together

Even if it didn’t end well, there were certainly good times while you were together. Come on, you know there were. You should be thankful for those times even if you hate your ex now. That was time that you spent together, experienced new things together, had adventures together, and really fell in love with one another. Just because the relationship didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the time you spent together wasn’t precious.

For showing you your limits

No matter how much you tried to make it work, you couldn’t do it. You put everything you had into the relationship and it still didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. So, thank your ex for showing you what you’re capable of. Thank them for giving ou more patience, thank them for making you stronger. Thank them for making you try.

For making you question everything

How many times did you sit there and think whether the relationship was worth it or not? How many times did you try to figure out if it was real love or if you were really meant to be? During the rough times of a relationship, you were probably in a constant battle with yourself. You were trying to figure everything out and for the life of you, you couldn’t.

Thank you ex for making you question everything you know to be true because it only made you stronger in the end. It made you realize what you really want and you can count on yourself to make everything make sense.

For letting you go

At the end of the day, the only thing you really need to thank your ex for is letting you go. Thank them for not sticking around and making a doomed relationship even worse. Thank them for letting you move on with your life. Thank them for being there, for fighting, and for eventually letting you go.

If your ex has finally let you go, they’re doing one of the hardest thing in the world, but they’re able to do it for your benefit. Letting go on you means you can finally move on, get over the relationship, and move forward.

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