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6 Tips for Getting Laid this New Year’s Eve


Everybody wants a kiss as the ball drops, which is why New Year’s Eve is one of the best days of the year to get laid. You won’t have to try as hard as you usually do to pick up chicks, because they’ll be as eager to have someone to hold as you are. Of course, they could be getting offers from multiple men, which is why you need to follow these tips for getting laid this New Year’s Eve:

1. Go to the Right Place

There are tons of parties on New Year’s Eve, so if you’ve been invited to multiple places, make sure you head to the right one. Don’t go to your married friend’s house when you know he’s only invited other couples. Go to a party, or even a bar, that you know will have single women around. One of the biggest tips for getting laid this New Year’s Eve is to remember that your location matters more than anything else.

2. Pick the Right Girl

Don’t pick up the girl who is crying about her boyfriend ditching her. You don’t want to spend all night trying to get with her, and have her man show up (and you don’t want to ruin their relationship, anyway). Pick the girl who looks like she’s ready to party, instead.

3. Mention the Midnight Kiss

This is the easiest day to find out if a girl is single. All you have to do is ask her if she has someone to kiss at midnight. Yes, it’s corny, but it’s a common question that she’ll be used to answering. The sooner you find out about her status, the better.

4. Be Bold and Brag

Want to appear irresistible to her? Then you need to tell her a bit about yourself, and New Year’s Eve is the perfect day to brag. Everyone will be talking about their goals for the new year and reminiscing about the past year, so you can bring up all of your accomplishments of 2014 without it seeming out of place. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up a bit.

5. Get on the Same Page

If you’ve been talking to a girl who seems like a lot of fun, but she tells you that she’s looking for a serious boyfriend next year, stay away from her. Unless she wants one last one-night-stand before she fulfills her resolution, she’ll be calling you again and again after you bang. If that’s not what you want, find another girl.

6. Don’t Get Too Drunk

No matter how much free booze you’re offered, you don’t want to overdo it. If you do, then no respectable woman is going to agree to go home with you. Even if you do end up bringing someone back to your place, you might pass out before you get the opportunity to bang her. You know your limits, so don’t drink more than you can handle.

New Year’s Eve is a holiday that’s heavy on drinking and kissing, which means that your chances of getting laid are high. As long as you don’t make any wrong moves and surround yourself with potential partners, you’re guaranteed to score by next year.


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