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The 6 Types of Girl Every Guy Will Eventually End up Dating and Dumping


Dating sucks at times, especially at this day and age. With technology the options seem endless and with all these options can come confusion and indecisiveness. Messaging has become commonplace when getting to know someone these days. Sometimes when things don’t peak our interest we drop people entirely, leave them on read, and never reply, otherwise known as ‘ghosting’.

Still there is no formula to solve the conundrum that is dating. As part of that you are doing to date some people that aren’t the love of your life. They may not be your love, but you’ll learn and they’ll teach you about what you want out of a partner, life and yourself.

Here are some of the girls every guy will date and dump:

Innocent Girl

This is your first draft. You will probably meet when your young and have no idea what you want out of the relationship because you have no real idea what you want out of life. You might even be 16 when this happens. You’ll look back and realize all the dumb mistakes that you made like taking them to a fast food chain for a date or maybe even texting them or posting about them every month anniversary. You break up because like I said YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT JUST YET. But at the end of the day, they teach you about yourself, how you are in a relationship, and what you want out of it. Not all is lost.

Party Girl

This girl is the epitome of fun. She knows all the cool spots to go to at night, when they’re poppin’ and who’s going to be there. The thing is sometimes she’s too much fun for you. There are going to be weekends where you want a social palette cleanser devoid of alcohol. You might have the most fun with her, but relationship isn’t as balanced as you’d like.

The One With the Incredible Sex

You meet on a whim and she’s fun and knows she’s sexy. She harnesses every bit of it and is perceptive of who’s checking her and you out. This is the one where you confuse LUST for LOVE. Your sex is mind-blowing and probably the best you will ever have and because of that you do everything in your power to make it work, despite the fact that she might not be what you want emotionally or out of a life partner.

Art Girl (Probably Went to SUNY Purchase)

Art Girl can be a lot depending on who you are. Her Instagram is weird and fill with odd things from empty paint cans, to obscure shots of potholes. You might not understand and when you ask she says, “It’s avant-garde” or get why she has a ton of followers, but she does. She probably has a friend that can do stick and pokes and will go with you to see Father John Misty, willingly paying $12 for a can of PBR. You probably won’t last because of lack of mutual common interest and the fact that monogamy is a reoccurring theme amongst art girls.

Career Queen

Career Queen is confident, sexy and absolutely knows what she wants. She won’t placate to your bullshit, call you out on it, and make sure you don’t do it again. At the end of the day though she is all about herself, not in a bad way. She has big plans for what she wants out of life professionally. Sometimes that doesn’t involve you and it results in a couple of “I can’t make it tonight” or “Things are running late at work”. You may love her and she may love you, but that might not be enough.

The Love of Your Life

This is the keeper; this is the one you don’t want to fuck up. Of course this was going to be the last one on the list. Who else? You love her because she makes you happy over the most minuscule things. You love her because she challenges you better yourself, but not in a way that pushes your buttons. Every moment with her feels like it’s both a blur, but happening every so slowly. Hell, you and her might end up breaking up and some point, but that’s ok too. Sometimes you need time away or perspective to realize the importance of someone in your life, just don’t let her go.


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