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6 Ways to De-Stress Your Insane Life

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It always seems like we’re juggling a million things at once. Naturally, that makes life a lot more stressful than it needs to be. However, you don’t need to give up parts of your life in order to make your life less stressful. Here are 6 easy ways you can de-stress your life.

Go to Bed Earlier:

As much as we’d all love to stay up late and get work done or have fun, you should go to sleep earlier if you want to decrease stress. If you have a full night’s sleep, you’re more likely to be more productive when you’re awake. We promise it’s worth it.

Make a To-do List:

It may seem more stressful to list all of the shit you need to do, but it’s actually a great way to relieve stress. Nothing feels better than crossing off a task on your list once you’ve finished it. Making a to-do list is a great way to make you more productive, which ultimately makes you less stressed.

Meal Prep:

When you’re stressed out, you often don’t have time to make smart eating decisions. Of course it seems easier to order Seamless, but the effect on your health and your wallet will increase your stress in the long run. Instead, dedicate your Sunday afternoons to portioning your meals for the week. It’s more cost-effective, healthy, and less stressful when it comes to weekday lunchtime.

Spend Time Without Technology:

We know, it’s hard to live without your phone or computer at your side at all times. However, taking some time every day to distance yourself from technology makes a world of difference in terms of stress relief. Instead, try reading a book, making art, cooking a meal, or taking a nap.

Leave Your Work AT WORK:

Work is stressful enough as it is, but it can make your personal time more overwhelming if you bring your work home with you. Once it hits 5 o’clock, finish your work for the day and don’t go back to it until work begins the next morning. If you make sure your free time is actually work-free, your life will be significantly less stressful.

Take Time For Yourself:

It may seem counterintuitive to waste your time doing something fun, but doing something for yourself will actually decrease your stress and make you more productive. Your morale, and ultimately your work habits, will be affected negatively after spending every minute of the day working. Dedicating even just a small amount of time to do something you love will help you relax, and make you more prepared for the work ahead.

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