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6 Ways Your Sex Life Can Tell You if Your Partner is Cheating

Your partner has been staying out late, locking their phone, and handing you expensive gifts. You’ve come to the conclusion that you’re either paranoid or a pushover. Is he banging your sister behind your back, or is he really just busy at the office like he says? Before you follow Carrie Underwood’s lead and trash his car, you need to play detective and figure out the truth.

There are plenty of obvious signs to look out for, and you’ve already learned them from chick flicks about scorned women. But there are some additional clues that you probably haven’t seen in the movies. They all involve your sex life, so here are a few things you should keep an eye out for in the bedroom:

Missing Birth Control

If he has a stash of condoms, and there are fewer there than you thought you used, something’s up. If you didn’t use them with your partner, someone else must have. It’s unhealthy to be so worried that you count every single condom left in the box, but if you honestly believe he’s a cheater, do what you have to do.

New Moves

If your partner is breaking out some new moves in the bedroom, he’s either been flipping through your Cosmo, or is learning his tricks elsewhere. Maybe he’s trying to spice things up, because the sex has gotten stale. But there’s always the possibility that another person is making him change his kissing techniques, and showing him the new positions that he ended up using on you.

Suddenly Sexless

Think about how often you’ve been getting down and dirty. If your boyfriend has stopped bugging you about sex when he used to beg for it every night, then something is wrong. If you’ve been together for decades, sometimes these things happen. But most of the time, if he stops asking, it’s because someone else is satisfying those needs. He has to get some somewhere.

Improved Grooming

If your man never keeps his downstairs area clean, but suddenly falls into a shaving frenzy, he could be aiming to impress a new lover. The same goes for when he changes his style of facial hair. If your partner leaves the house looking different than he usually does, there’s a reason for the makeover.

Shower Before Sex

When your partner comes over to have some fun, is his hair always wet from the shower? It’s nice that he washed up for you, but he also washed away any evidence. He could’ve gotten ridden of the smell of another woman’s perfume, another man’s cologne, or the sheer smell of sex.

Name Game

Pay attention to how often your name leaves his lips. If he only refers to you as baby and sexy, it could be a tactic to avoid mixing up first names. Screaming out the wrong one would expose his unfaithfulness, so he sticks to nicknames.

If you find out that you actually are being cheated on, remember that it isn’t your fault. You’ll find someone new in no time and get your fairytale happy ending while your ex is struggling to stay monogamous to whatever poor soul decides to settle for him.

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