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6 Ways to Tell Your Partner Loves You Even If They Haven’t Said it Yet

Three words. Eight letters. It’s an emotion hard to recognize and an even harder phrase to say out loud. Saying ‘I Love You’ makes us feel vulnerable, exposed and even fragile, it’s even harder if you’ve been hurt of rejected before. It’s natural to be afraid to say it but it’s even harder to know if the other person is feeling it too. Sometimes actions speak louder than words and even though its nice to hear “I Love You” from your SO, here’s six ways to tell if your partner loves you, even if they haven’t vocalized it yet.


Small gifts are huge demonstrations of love and affection. From expensive jewelry to a simple coffee when you’re tired, gifs are a way to express love and maybe even a lead up to the actual ‘I love you’ moment. So appreciate the gifts because they are a way of expressing love without saying it.

Phone Calls

Who takes the time to make a phone call nowadays? If your SO / crush takes the time to call you every night or every other day, bask in the glory of it. Hearing someone’s voice over the phone and talking for endless hours is as romantic as it gets in the time of millennial love. Phone calls are a big sign of love, as dumb as that may sound.

Small Gestures

The small things matter and they add up, even if your SO simply takes your hand while you’re crossing the street, they’re trying to get to you. Being affectionate with someone is definitely a huge sign of love.

Spontaneous Acts

Doing the same things constantly can become a drag after a while, the same routine may be comforting, but it will eventually feel old. Sometimes, a little bit of adventure is all you need to ignite the flame. Be on the look out for those spontaneous moments that bring you closer and help you bond.


Compliments and positive affirmations are all said out of love. If your SO didn’t care , they wouldn’t notice you and go out of the way to give you compliments and make you feel loved and stronger about yourself and your relationship. Having someone tell you positive things is a total confidence booster and a giant sign of growing love.


There is no love without trust. Showing trust is the biggest sign of love. By trusting YOU, your SO is saying that no matter what happens, they have confidence in you and the assurance of what you both have. Trust needs no words, but it screams I LOVE YOU.

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