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Here are 6 of the Weirdest Places People are Playing Pokémon Go

pokemon go

People are obsessed Pokémon Go, so obsessed, in fact,  that the game is taking them to some very odd places. Some of these places are pretty weird,  but others are highly disturbing.

Players have been led to weird places for Pokéstops, and Pokémon have turned up in less than okay places. Here are the six most ridiculous and messed up places Pokémon have been found at.

#6: Citi Field





















First of all, if you are paying to be in a suite and playing Pokémon Go, give me your tickets right now. Either way, what in the hell is a big ass crab doing in the infield?

#5: In a frying pan

There have been people saying their houses have been turned into Pokéstops, but this is just cruel. They put magikarp in a frying pan! This person should just be thankful though if they have a crap ton of Pokémon in their house.

#4: Church

Pokéstops are taking over churches everywhere. This is a more common place than find Pokémon at the next several places on this list, but it is still dumb that people have walked into church’s to find Pokémon. Praise be on to pikachu!

#3: Strip Club

Can I at least spin the pole to get extra pokeballs? If you are in a strip club, you are already paying a lot of money, and the last thing you should be doing is playing Pokémon while you are there.

#2: Cemetery

The person who posted the above image claimed they have a graveyard around the corner, and that you can catch Pokémon there. Cemeteries have been the most popular places that Pokémon have shown up, next to churches, but that doesn’t mean it’s ok. Unless the spirit of my dead great great great grandpa can show me which direction a pikachu is, then it’s not worth it.

#1: 9/11 Memorial

If there is one place in the United States of America that Nintendo should filter out of the game it is the 9/11 memorial. 9/11 is an American tragedy, and the fact that there might be Pokémon roaming around the place that honors fallen heroes is pathetic and disgraceful.

We get it that Nintendo wants to put stops at famous landmarks, but this just rubs us the wrong way.


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