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6 Yoga Exercises That Will Totally Zen You Out

You need to find some peace!

In this crazy thing we call life, we are often overwhelmed with the daily tasks that end up borderline killing us. Most of us are anxiety-ridden, stressed out to the max with little hope for relief. This sentiment is definitely a gross exaggeration, however, it feels that dire when we’re living out our life. Obviously, we need to adopt a certain ritual to relax our bodies and minds. Exercise is typically a great way to relax and decompress but sometimes you need a little something extra to completely “zen” you out. And there’s nothing like yoga to embrace some zen.

If yoga is good enough for Madonna, it’s good enough for us all! Luckily for us, yoga is hands down one of the most accessible forms of exercise because you can literally do it at home on a towel. Do you dream of becoming a yoga master and doing handstands and splits in the air? You can achieve it eventually. But for most us, we simply want a form of exercise that makes us feel peaceful instead of just exhausted.

Downward-facing dog

This exercise is a bit uncomfortable and yet completely relaxing. Hear me out, this incredible move stretches out your spine and relieves the tension you tend to carry in your shoulder area. It allows you to elongate your legs and oddly you’ll feel right at home in this pose.

Child’s pose

This pose is similar to downward dog in its ability to relieve tension in the shoulder and neck area but also relaxes the back. Your arms are stretched in front of you and the feeling is oh so good. Just rest your head and breathe in, it’s euphoric.

Chair pose

Now for those who want more of a muscle building yet zen-like exercise, chair pose is a great option. This pose stays in line with the stretch that yoga always incorporates but needs some strong leg muscle work to maintain. The pose is super simple, just sit in an invisible chair! Your ass and legs will thank you!

Tree pose

Tree is my favorite because it oddly makes me feel taller and grounded. Zen is always about meditating, it’s about being grounded; the idea of being firmly on the Earth. Reach for the skies in this exercise, you’ll feel completely invigorated.

Happy Baby

The name in itself puts a smile on my face. Context clues! Babies are happy most of the time, they have no stress! This exercise allows you to lie down and massage the entire surface of your back while you grab your toes and stretch out those thighs. The description itself sounds complicated but the move is so easy!


Any form of exercise that allows me to basically take a nap after is the best and only exercise I’ll do in my lifetime. All you have to do in this pose is lie down. You lie down with your eyes closed and breathe. So take advantage of this exercise loophole.

There you have it! The 6 poses that will feed the zen you hunger for. You can even tell people you’re a total yogi without having to explain that you mostly do it for corpse pose. May these yoga exercises bring you peace and zen. Namaste!

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