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7 Best Exercises to Help Your Sex Life

Sex itself can be a laborious task. Even though it is seen as an intimate act it can also be viewed as a taxing workout. Sometimes you might find yourself taking breaks in between positions, or unable to finish because your body lacks the flexibility, stamina, and strength.

Thankfully, this can change if you make some changes outside of the bed. Start exercising more so your performance in bed can start to improve. There are several exercises you can do which can improve your flexibility, strength, and stamina greatly.

Side to side Lunges

This improves flexibility in bed, and can allow your hips to spread farther apart for deeper penetration.


Builds ups strength in your hamstrings and core for when your doing missionary position, or when trying to maintain the arch in your back during missionary, which increases the pleasure.

Scissor legs

This exercise will strengthen your lower back for thrusting, and it also increases your flexibility.

Dog hydrant

This move increases your upper body strength for those on all four positions. It also opens up your hips more, which increases the chances of your G-spot being hit more often.


Doing cardio can help build up your stamina during sex. Cardio also can help with managing your weight, because a high BMI has been linked to erectile dysfunction and can have a negative effect on your sex drive. So do some cardio to improve the duration of sex as well as your health.

Squats with weights

Doing squats with heavy weights is beneficial for both men and women in bed. This is beneficial for men when they are in standing positions, and for women when they are on top. This exercise allows you to have more muscle stamina and strength to keep going.


Planks will build your stamina for when it comes to having to hold yourself up in certain positions. So you’ll be able to last longer in difficult positions and it also increases your core strength.

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