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7 Fights You Get Into with Your Significant Other That are Actually Deal Breakers

You can love someone with all of your heart, but sometimes it just won’t work out. Little fights start to add up, causing tension and problems in your relationship. What might seem like something you can look past in the beginning, it can be a major deal breaker down the road.

When you get older and start to envision your life, how do you see it? This is an important question. If you and your partner can’t compromise, it can end the relationship. Even if you love someone, there can be a point where you have to give up because you come across a deal breaker.

Here are 7 fights you can get into with your significant other that are actually deal breakers:

You don’t have the same values

Values are important. If you have different priorities and a different outlook on life, you won’t have a healthy relationship. You might have insane chemistry, but if you can’t agree on basic values of life, then you won’t be able to commit to each other for life.

They party and drink too much

There is a healthy balance between partying and staying in. I can’t really judge when it comes to this, I have spent many times drinking and partying too much, but I also know the affects it can have on a relationship. You can be the most loyal person in the world, but it’s hard to trust someone when they are surrounded by drunk people every weekend.

They are bad with money

This might not seem like a big deal in the beginning, but what happens when you move in together and your partner is spending all of your money? Money problems cause a lot of tension between couples, if you don’t get a grip of it early in the relationship, it can be a burden to you both later on.


This can cause even the healthiest of relationships to crumble. My boyfriend is Muslim and I am Catholic, and it has caused a lot of problem in our relationship. You need to have the discussion early on in your relationship, everything from how you will raise your kids to what holidays will you celebrate, it’s important to talk about it early on in the relationship.

They don’t want kids

You might think that they are still young, that they will want kids when the time comes, but some people really don’t want kids. This isn’t something that should have to be compromised. One of you will be unhappy in the end, no matter what choice you pick.

They don’t believe in marriage

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deal breaker, but if you dream about a big fancy wedding, and they have zero desire for it, it can be a problem. It’s a major commitment that some people can’t make, but if it’s a commitment you really need then it should be a deal breaker.

They don’t have any goals

You really want to spend the rest of your life with some low life that spends day after day on the couch? If you are young, I get it, but you need to have some sort of plan for the future. Literally any kind of plans, whether it’s to be a plumber or a CEO, as long as you have a goal that you are working towards. This can be a deal breaker, especially for those that have high ambitions.

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