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7 Fights Literally Every Couple Has

Isn’t it weird when a couple swears that they never fight? It makes no sense, right? People who think that they have a strong relationship because they never fight are totally missing the point (not to mention the fact that they don’t even realize that they’re likely headed for an ugly, explosive breakup). Fighting is a normal, healthy part of any relationship, it helps you grow both as a person and as a couple. After all, if everyone agreed on everything, what would be the point of human contact anyway? Don’t argue with us on this, ok, here are 7 fights that literally every couple has.

The “How Can You Not Like This Thing That I Like” Fight

I think it bothers us when we disagree with a significant other on liking something because it makes us question the very nature of true love: what does it say about me that I fell in love with someone who doesn’t like root beer? Root beer is one of my favorite sodas! In case you’re wondering, yes, this conundrum is based on my own life.

The “You’re A Disgusting Slob” Fight

No one REALLY likes housework, right? The dishes pile up, the wastebasket overflows, the shower is overrun with soap scum, and before you know it, you have an excuse to lash out over whatever happens to actually be bothering you on any given day. It’s difficult to say that you hate the direction that the world is going in and you’re tired of worrying about dying in a mass shooting every time you leave the house, it’s easy to get mad at your partner for not vacuuming enough, even though it’s both of your responsibilities.

The “You’re Not Pulling Your Weight” Fight

Relationships are about compromise. Give and take. But we’re all human, and sometimes we take more than we give. We start to take the other person’s kindness and patience for granted, without showing them any kindness or patience in return. Finding that balance can be painful and difficult, but it’s absolutely necessary to keep a relationship working.

The “Why Are You Always On Your Phone” Fight

Here’s an experiment: the next time you’re at a bar or restaurant, look at all of the couples sitting together, and note how many of them are ignoring one another, faces buried in their phones. It’s pretty creepy, actually. The moments you miss while checking Instagram are inevitably the ones you’ll wish you could get back. The darkest era of my current relationship by far was when my girlfriend was hopelessly addicted to Candy Crush.

The “Stop Hogging The Goddamn Blankets” Fight

One of the unspoken hard truths of any relationship is that sharing a bed can be fucking stressful. If you’re a light sleeper (like my girlfriend) and you share a bed with a night owl who tosses and turns and snores all night (like yours truly), it’s going to cause some friction. But there’s no greater bed-related fight than the fight over blankets. Even a summit at Camp David won’t solve that one.

The “Your Family Ruined You” Fight

Every family is weird and messed up in it’s own special, awful way. When you start a relationship with someone, you’re signing up to become a bell boy for all of the emotional baggage that your partner’s family has packed up for them, and now you’ve gotta help them unpack it all. And it’s fucking stressful. The Dalai Lama wouldn’t be able to avoid a fight over this stuff, so don’t feel bad if you and your squeeze fight about it a lot either.

The “You’re Not Fighting Fair” Fight

Honestly, most fights are just about, well, fighting: how to fight fair, how to pick your fights, when and where it’s acceptable to fight, which subjects are off limit, who actually won that one fight that one time, which fights are actually productive versus picking old wounds that will just lead to nowhere good, etc. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.

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