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7 Legit Reasons You Should Have Dogs Instead of Kids

As a 24 year-old trying to survive in a millennial world where avocado is v expensive, rent is ever-rising and jobs are scarce I am faced with the difficult task of trying to figure out my path. I often see my social media feeds and timelines flooded with engagement pics, proposal videos and ‘I bough a new home’ posts, and TBQH I am left dumbfounded because HOW THE HELL are 20-somethings doing this when I’m legit worried about the J train not being delayed? But the worst posts are the ones about kids, like seriously I have PTSD from all “We’re pregnant” posts and pics of cute babies being cute. I’m over it. I’d rather have a dog than a kid, honestly.

Dogs are pure

Although I hate using the word pure because Twitter ruined it for me, there is no better way to describe dogs. There is a reasons why they are known as man’s best friend. They have white souls that mean no harm and spew love (with a  few exceptions obviously). The ample majority of dogs will protect, love and cherish their owners even if that means giving up their own life. DOGS ARE SO PURE, I can’t deal with it.

Kids are evil

I don’t mean to step on anyones toes with this statement but children are scary AF and inherently evil. Have you ever taken he time to observe toddlers living everyday life? They love mischief and are out here trying to ruin everyone’s life. Like I think kids are smart and know a lot more than we credit the for and that’s why we should always keep an eye on them.

Dogs love you unconditionally

I dare anyone argue with me on this one. Dogs will love you until the end of time, you can scream at them when they do wrong, you can be mean to them when you’re having a bad day and they will still give you kisses and cuddle. No matter what the situation or life scenario a dog’s heart will always have love for its human and other humans. I LOVE DOGS.

Kids Are Shady and Mean

Watch the video below.  Need I say more? NO.

Kids cost a lot of money

This is pure science and economics, the average cost of raising a kid in the U.S. is a little over $230,000. through the age of 17. According to a report from the Department of Agriculture the costs keeps increasing each year. No thank you, I can barely afford to live my own life let alone an extra $200k. I’m good.

Kids cry in public ruining everyone’s day

Have you ever been out with your friends having a good time, talking shit about your other friends, you know the regular and all of a sudden you hear a screeching noise. A kid is crying or throwing a tantrum, it is so loud and annoying you literally want to rip your hair out. I hate when kids cry in public, or when they are in public in general. Just don’t. Please and thank you.

Dogs are friendly with other humans and animals, making everyone’s day better

Dogs are aways so friendly to like everyone. They’re always smiling or napping, they don’t scream in public. I’ve never met  human who sees a dog in public and like hates it for being in public. Dogs are always good in public they’re out to improve our lives and we should all appreciate that.

Dogs are better than kids, and that’s that on that.

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