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7 Places to Travel to Get Away From This Disgusting Cold

Is this the new Ice Age?

via Independent Traveler

This cold weather is breaking records and the rest of us are just trying to not break our heaters. The mere thought of not having some heat on my body throughout the day sends a shiver down my spine; pun intended. When you can’t escape the confines of the tundra that is this cold weather, you start to get a little delusional and plan trips that boasts sun, sand, and more fucking sun. Seriously, where is the fucking sun?

Just because the other people around choose to suffer through this crazy snow storm, you have the ability not to endure it any longer. Listen, this weather is traumatic enough that putting an overseas trip on your already maxed out credit card is nothing. You have the rest of your life to pay it off so just close your eyes and dream of the warmth that is soon to come. Although the the North is enduring some crazy ass cold weather, other parts of the world are working on their tans. Let’s be one of them!

Dominican Republic

This vacation hot spot is ideal to escape the madness that is the cold temperatures. Americans love traveling to Dominican Republic; the beaches itself makes my eyes tear up. Work on that cinnamon tan this winter and get away from the snow and welcome the heat. Not to mention the outrageous deals you can get on hotels and flights, you’d be dumb to not get your ass there.


Someone get the margaritas ready and make your way to the glory that is Mexico. Similar to Dominican Republic, the beaches of Mexico are just destined for a full on photoshoot. Even better is that fun nightlife that you haven’t enjoyed because you’ve imprisoned in your warm apartment.


This winter has not been to kind to us and some of us are not exactly bikini ready for the beach getaways from above. Sometimes you just want to drink and eat in the desert. Come on! We all dream of visiting Nevada, mostly because we all want to get white-girl wasted in Las Vegas. Gamble your little heart out in a sparkly jumpsuit!

South Florida

Given Florida is pretty chilly right now, it’s still not as terrifying as New York. You can still enjoy the beautiful accessories and outfits of winter weather without the bone-chilling cold and pounds of layers. Hit up all the hot spots that is South Florida with the crispness of the winter chill.


Thailand is, and will always be, on my list of dream vacation spots. It’s glorious and needs to be visited by most people. Not to mention the iconic cuisine that the country has, which is definitely to die for. Get on board with this tropical paradise.


You can never go wrong with a vacation that is not too far from you. Panama has the beauty of the beaches with the culture of Central America. Panama is going to be the next best area to visit, when college kids decide to spend their spring break in a place, you know it’s a bad ass place to see.


We all ate too damn much over the holidays, visiting Colombia is great for affordable plastic surgery and the snowy winter is perfect for recovery time. That sounds insane but I stand by it. Let us all just embrace Colombia’s ability to make anyone beautiful.

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