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7 Reasons to Always Look for the Silver Lining


Life got you down? Mr. Dark Cloud is looming over you, and overstaying his welcome by leaps and bounds? Not to fear! Behind even the gloomiest, doomiest clouds, there sits a silver lining. It can be elusive, but rest assured, it’s there, and it’s always worth looking for. You just need the right motivation! Here are some things to keep in mind when you need to keep an eye open for the positive in any situation.


Putting out bad energy gets bad energy in return. Looking for that silver lining gives you that positive spin, and alters your whole vibe. Your vibe turns bright and sunny, regardless of the circumstances, and the clouds turn and run.


It’s always good to think on your feet. Being quick-witted is only ever a boon, but it is a skill that you have to practice. Seeking out that silver lining keeps you hot on your toes, always ready to change on a dime in whatever situation life presents you with.


Stress is a contributing factor to personal health deterioration. Don’t let yourself be a victim! Prevention is the best cure, so prevent stress by taking a daily dose of silver lining to alleviate those stressful symptoms.

Critical Thinking

When things look bad, it’s too easy to take things as they are. Instead, hone your sense of perspective-taking, almost like a detective. Search for clues that will lead you to that oh-so-coveted silver lining.

Problem Solving

Similarly, problems aren’t solved by complaining about them. But for problems to be solved, you need to tackle a sensible solution, and to do that, you need to find the solution in the first place! In other words, find the silver lining, find the solution to your problems.

Not Everyone Is

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Not everybody is willing to go digging in the murky, mucky clouds looking for that silver lining. But when you find it, it’s an advantage you have over everybody else.


While looking for the positive in everything can be beneficial, it’s also an absolutely essential skill to possess. Not to turn into Mr. Dark Cloud myself, but living your life without ever seeking out the silver lining might make you go absolutely mad with depression.

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