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7 Reasons “Crossing the Line” with Your Friend is a Terrible Idea

Having sex is an extremely intimate act. You are showing someone else your vulnerable side, and although sharing that with a friend seems easy since you know them well, don’t do it. People say that you should always be friends with your partner before you date, that’s the “best kind of relationship.” Although you should be friends with your partner first, you need to make that transition by dating, not just having sex right away.

Sex too fast complicates most relationships, so if you want to have a meaningful relationship with your friend, it won’t happen by having sex with them. It can get awkward and messy, and you might ultimately lose your friend in the end, no one wants that to happen.

Here are 7 Reasons “Crossing the Line” with Your Friend is a Terrible Idea:

Feeling Awkward

Sex can get weird and awkward sometimes.If you aren’t fully comfortable with your sexual partner, it’s even weirder. You might both be sexually attracted to each other but when it comes down to it, it might not be what you expected.

Someone Might Catch Feelings, While the Other Doesn’t

It’s going to end up hurting someone. Let’s be honest, if you guys are hooking up someone has feelings for the other. Would you really want to crush your friend’s heart? Or have your heart broken by them? Having feelings can really suck sometimes, it’s not worth it.

Hard to Go Back to Being Just Friends

Since there is a good chance someone will develop feelings and it will be awkward, it’s hard to go back to being just friends. Like I said, you saw each other in such a vulnerable way, you know very weird personal details you probably shouldn’t know about a friend.

Know Too Much About Each Other

They know all the weird details about you, you know all the weird details about them. They know all about your past and all of the stupid mistakes you have made. Sometimes there is just some things you shouldn’t tell a partner, but it’s too late if they are your close friend already.

You Might Get Jealous

What if you guys hook up, then they get into a relationship? It can make you feel really shitty about yourself and your self-worth. Don’t give them that kind of power, you don’t want someone you just had sex with dating right after, so just don’t do it.

It Can Get Messy

Honestly, is a fling worth having that mess afterwards? Dating other people, catching feelings, and dealing with drama that will most likely stir up from this encounter. It’s not worth that 5 minutes of mediocre sex you guys will have.

Losing Them as A Friend

Sometimes the relationship will work out, but is it worth it? Most of the time it doesn’t work, and it was just that a fling, what would you rather have a friend or an ex-boyfriend you can’t talk to anymore because it’s awkward? Most of the time it just isn’t worth the hurt in the end.

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